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A Friday Note - 8 January 2016

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all,

A warm welcome back and I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable break.


No matter what, safety remains my first priority. The number of people killed and injured on our roads continues to be excessive.  The three main killers remain speeding, drugs and alcohol and fatigue. The new average speed limits cameras are having an impact. I expect legislation on chain of responsibility will continue to improve fatigue issues for commercial operators but for the rest of the community this remains a problem. Drugs and alcohol may need a fresh approach.  What are your views?  As you may know in the railways safety critical workers can be subjected to random drug and alcohol testing at any time on the job and if found positive they will lose their job. What lessons can be learned from this environment for our road system?

On Tuesday this week two of our employees were involved in a motor vehicle accident while travelling from Port Augusta to Kimba. Fortunately neither employee was seriously injured, nevertheless, the incident had potential tragic outcomes. It is essential for all employees and their managers to be fully aware of requirements while driving at work in accordance with our use of vehicle policy. This is particularly applicable to employees undertaking shift work, remote or isolated work or employees travelling long distances.


As we commence our efforts for the community for the New Year we have some exciting developments coming to fruition.  Here’s a taste:

  • In terms of legislation the world class new planning act is working its way through the SA Parliament.  Work is well advanced on similar reforms for our old transport legislation, which needs to be modified to best advance the interests of our citizens in this century.
  • Operation Moving Traffic – lots of work here and this should be released to the community soon for comment, feedback and engagement.
  • Level crossings – Paula Norman and her team are doing great work here and again I hope this draft work can be released soon to engage with the community.

Stuart Gilbert from our Safety and Policy Programs area has put together a fantastic summary of some of the highlights of 2015 from his area, which I’m pleased to share with you.

Some major changes were made to single receipting that have resulted in huge savings to Service SA by reducing receipting work effort, barcode scanning of high volume transactions, integrating the credit card payment processes, and simplification of all balancing and reconciliation.

2015 also saw the automation of the process of recording deceased clients, as well as changes to the information printed on medical forms sent to clients so that it now advises of the type of condition that they need a doctor’s report for.

There were some significant improvements to EzyReg which further improved the experience for our customers. A new licence report feature allows customers to use their EzyReg Account to obtain a report showing their licence status and offence history. This project, which has been very well received, also paved the way for future services by developing a new payment process.

Another new feature allows clients to use their EzyReg Account to obtain and print an Unregistered Vehicle Permit. This is a great service that removes the pressure from Service SA and allows customers to obtain those last minute permits that are needed over long weekends.

In 2015 our customers could also renew their Disability Parking Permits from the comfort and convenience of their home, and those with an account can also apply for a replacement permit. It’s a terrific service, especially for holders of a Disability Parking Permit who may find it difficult to attend a Service SA centre. Finally a new Bulk-Fleet Renewals service enables our customers to maintain their own common expiry dates (something that a surprisingly large number of clients have taken up) and to renew up to 200 vehicles in a single transaction. 

Significant changes to the way in which we require older drivers to verify their fitness to continue driving took place over the past year, along with changes to bicycle rules to improve and increase the awareness of the safety for cyclists.

The On the Right Track Remote team did some outstanding work in 2015, and the team now has a system to record and monitor individuals living in the remote North of the state who are provided access to a modified GLS to assist them in gaining and retaining a full licence. A simple change that could have life changing outcomes.

Stamp Duty Exemptions were brought in for parents of children who have lost the use of a leg, and for organisations that provide transport services for people who are incapacitated. We were able to make the necessary system changes to support this well in advance of the legislative changes.

With some changes to validation criteria, and little if any added risk, the number of offences needing to be manually reviewed and recorded by the Licence Regulation area was reduced from around 600 to 400 per week. Planned changes will bring this down even further, allowing our Licence Regulation staff to reduce their current processing backlog.

Finally, tens of thousands of customer records with incorrect or incomplete information have been rectified, which will improve the services they can access in the future.

This list speaks for itself, and I want to congratulate everyone from this area and the TRUMPS IT team for a bumper year with so many customer service wins. Of course, a list like this wouldn’t be complete without a New Year’s wish list, and here is Stuart’s. 

Over the next year, we know we will need to deliver on another list of challenging initiatives including (but definitely not limited to) Compulsory Insurance Market Reform (CIMR), driver practical test bookings and audit functions, further automation of appropriate licence sanction processes, and introduction of a single client medical form so those with a licence and accreditation do not need to complete multiple medicals, demerit points for disability parking offences, mandatory heavy vehicle inspections, and green vehicle initiatives.

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan