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A Friday Note - 5 February 2016

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Dear all,

A busy and exciting week.


This is an important economic reform for the State.   Our teams are flat out getting ready for the next Parliamentary debates.


The government is keen to further build your skills and values to better serve the community. This means we need further discussions together.

Our reform workshops with hundreds of staff already involved have already made fantastic progress. The queue to be involved shows terrific interest. Please see these links: Strategic Plan, Quick Wins, projects.

Think big, start small, and move fast is the idea.


Northern area centre riding

A representative from the Northern Area Centre Riding for the Disabled Association SA contacted me recently to thank our department for the successful relocation of their horses to new paddocks. The relocation was necessary because the paddock was required for storage of fill from the Torrens to Torrens Project.

This is a terrific outcome and big thank you to Desmond Khoo from the South Road Planning team and James Hohneck and Michael Johnston from contracts management for their hard work, sensitivity and diligence in minimising the disruption to the horses and riders.

Paperless Timetables

A positive step toward paperless timetables with the installation of the kiosk pictured below at Flinders Medical Centre.   This is a significant achievement in working toward our paperless timetable strategy and a great service for the hospital’s 250,000 visitors per year.

Well done to digital officer Scott Wagenfeller for his efforts in bringing this together.

Image of the Flinders Medical Centre kiosk

ARS Signage

This week Bobbie-Jean Stevens from our communications team was at Adelaide Railway Station to supervise the installation of some signage when she also helped guide a person with vision impairment to their platform.   A simple act that would’ve meant a great deal to the customer.

Again, we are looking at ways we can help improve our customers’ experience of our public transport system, in this case providing a guide for people with mobility scooters to calculate if their vehicle will safely fit onto a train. Below is the signage in question.

Image of Adelaide Railway Station signage 


Our five Ministers get lots of media enquiries. Please make sure your general manager signs off on any responses.

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan