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A Friday Note - 5 August 2016

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all

Our winter of extremes is far from over and it’s already one for the ages. Data just out from the Bureau of Meteorology shows last month we experienced:

  • A record run of strong winds
  • Record wind gusts
  • Our wettest July in 20 years
  • Two weak snow events
  • An increased number of cold fronts
  • 20 per cent less sunshine

As a department, we’ve witnessed and responded to the impacts of these severe conditions across many of our business areas. From hazards on our roads, to damaged public infrastructure, and delays on projects big and small, it’s been a challenging period. Forecasters expect more of the same over the next few months. Please be prepared and take care.


A traffic controller working at a development site on North East Road was hit by a vehicle yesterday. This person was not working for DPTI, however it does serve as an important reminder of the risk associated with traffic control and the need for constant vigilance when working near traffic.

Safety around recreational boating is the focus of an online customer survey to help identify how we can improve our publications. If you have any suggestions, please share them here.


This week, the second Transformational Change Workshop was facilitated by Mott MacDonald at Adelaide Oval, inviting collaboration between DPTI and a range of small, medium and large contractors and consultants in the building and infrastructure industry. All parties agreed to continue to share learnings, listen, partner, innovate and work to improve the industry together.


Our ferry operations staff should be applauded for their work in developing an engine module, which has delivered a 40 per cent reduction in fuel consumption. Eight ferries, including the new steel-hull vessel at Narrung, are currently using the “stop start” technology.

Last weekend, DPTI staff unleashed their wisdom to support competitors at South Australia’s Unleashed Open Data event. It’s a worthy exercise that aligns with our goals of delivering greater transparency and creating benefits for SA.

DPTI was also well represented at the annual Aurecon Bridge Building Competition. 23 teams from 11 secondary schools had to construct a bridge prior to the event from a kit containing 300 sticks, string, glue and a cardboard tube.

Each bridge was weighed and load tested to destruction. Guest judges Phil Molloy and Tony Polec from Technical Services were impressed by the efforts of the students, some of whom are now considering a career in engineering.


Census night will be held next Tuesday 9 August. The national count has provided a snapshot of Australia for more than a century. It shapes the way governments deliver services and is crucial to supporting and driving much of the work done by our department. More information here.


Great effort by Facilities Manager Andrew Coombs and other team members who assisted Hallett Cove South Primary School following a recent fire. They helped coordinate the clean-up and site safety, enabling students to return from school holidays.

The Anzac Centenary Memorial Walk and Riverbank Footbridge are among the projects honoured by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. The exhibition of award winners has been on display at the Office for Design and Architecture SA in Leigh Street, attracting terrific reviews.

Best of luck to our Aussies competing in the Rio Olympics including 49 athletes who’ve been supported by SASI. Well done also to all the coaches and other staff behind the scenes. It is a team effort.

I will be away for the next month, with Paul Gelston filling my shoes initially, followed by Julienne TePohe. I look forward to building on our bias for yes when I return.

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan