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A Friday Note - 22 July 2016

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all

From light snow in the Adelaide Hills last week, to temperatures above 20 degrees in many parts this week, it’s been a period of extremes and we’ve only just rounded the halfway mark of winter!


It is one of our core values and the definition of this word is working with someone towards a common goal and delivering something of value.

As well as practising collaboration inside the organisation, it is even more important that we work with the community, with industry, with developers and with all of our stakeholders. Cabinet requires us to approach our tasks by putting citizens at the centre of our thinking, our service design and our delivery. This public value approach is aimed at delivering real benefits to our communities. This is a fundamental task for DPTI and is a strong message in the Premier’s video.

Our department needs to embrace a ‘bias for yes,’ and recognise that our role is to advance South Australia.  Every one of us needs to contribute.

Public value is about a different starting point where our response is, “How can I/we collaborate to deliver the desired outcome?” rather than spending time on reasons why an initiative cannot proceed.

Our challenge is leading to make things happen, encourage job growth, foster new developments and play our part so that communities, businesses and industry in SA thrive.

We ask all staff to think about whether they are part of the solution. Are we all seeking to help build our state or are we focussed on red tape? What public value am I creating today? Am I effectively collaborating to achieve a common goal or am I just focussed on pushing my individual priorities?

Do I portray a bias for no, or a bias for yes?


Public value is already evident across our department, and is often seen on a global stage.

This week, the work being done here on legislation for driverless cars was recognised by Google during an Automated Vehicles Symposium in the US. South Australia’s delegation was humbled by the praise, which shows we are on the front foot with technology that will change the way we live.

We’ve also witnessed the public value of our people, our contractors and our council stakeholders charged with maintaining and repairing jetties, particularly following the wild weather we’ve experienced of late. The restoration of the historic Port Germein jetty has been incredible not only from an engineering point of view, but also from the overwhelming public feedback received.

There are so many other achievements to celebrate. We have staff in Regulation collaborating with the private sector regarding conditional registration for different vehicle types. Our people are providing assistance to industry on Kangaroo Island, for example, by working with a local quarry to help them obtain DPTI pre-qualification. Across the state, we have infrastructure delivery teams partnering with industry to increase safety and benefits at our work sites. And the list goes on.

Today we farewell three long-standing employees who have embraced the ‘bias for yes.’ Barry Knowling and Trevor Head from Traffic Operations at Norwood, and Len Rae from Road and Marine Assets have been quiet achievers who just got on with the job, accomplishing great things. They are solid role models for so many of us.

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan