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A Friday Note - 17 June 2016

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all

It’s been a challenging week for our rail network, with signalling and switching issues causing delays for many of our customers. When we cannot get passengers to their destination safely and on-time, we know our people share the frustration of the public. Thank you to staff for their hard work and dedication during these times and to our customers for their patience and understanding. We are trying to pinpoint the exact causes of the failures and we continue to carry out extensive upgrades to ensure our network is safer and more reliable. On average, on-time running across the train network sits above 95% which is a high standard, but we are always striving to do better because our customers deserve no less.


After a breather over the long weekend, site works on major projects have been ramping up again. With traffic conditions constantly shifting to accommodate construction of such critical infrastructure, we again take the opportunity to encourage everyone to get on board our free addinsight traffic app. The more people who use it, the more impact it’ll have on easing congestion on our roads. Another plank of our Operation Moving Traffic strategy is the banning of right turns at particular intersections. I have heard several positive remarks about no right turns at the Hackney/Botanic Roads intersection during the O-Bahn extension works. Many say it’s dramatically improved safety and the flow of through traffic.


The planning reforms led by our department are entering a crucial phase. They’ll be implemented through a staged approach over the next five years. For more details, have a look at the new fact sheets on the Planning Reform website.


Making our services accessible to all South Australians is one of our top priorities. Whether it be boarding a train or seeking information on our website. People with vision impairment can struggle with daily tasks that most of us take for granted. It’s worthwhile to walk in their shoes, which you can do using a free vision simulator app. Knowing the needs of our customers makes us better at what we do. Click here to try it.


Men’s health and wellbeing were in the spotlight at the Library Information Research Centre’s latest seminar held yesterday. Matters discussed included nutrition, physical activity and stress management – all vital elements. Customers will be the focus of the next seminar which will be held next Thursday.


The CEO of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has written to me today praising the efforts of Angela Slagter and Carlo Anzellotti for their work on a major national reform in the heavy vehicle industry . The change in access conditions for special purpose vehicles will deliver more than $130 million in benefits to Australia over 20 years.  It all came together with work from SA leading the way with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

Congratulations to everyone involved in Rail Care which scored a major prize at last weekend’s South Australian Volunteer Awards. Its members transform train stations and tram stops across the state, doing anything from garden makeovers to painting murals. They also work hard to make sure stations are safe and accessible. Well done to Karan Coombe-Smith and all our rail care volunteers, your contribution makes an enormous difference.

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan