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A Friday Note - 15 January

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all,

Very hot to a lot milder. I think of all our staff and contractors working in the field on these really hot days.

I received some great ideas and suggestions on how we can reduce the road toll. The three key issues remain speeding, fatigue and drugs and alcohol.

Some suggestions included drug and alcohol interlocking as a feature in all cars, following some European models.

Our terrific people in the library have provided some light reading on the topic. Have a read and let me know what you think. 

Gladstone access road

Some outstanding work is underway by our field services area to construct a new bus access road into Gladstone High School.

This project is a collaborative approach between our staff and internal and external contractors and a great example of our Department’s ability to be responsive to all stakeholders.

DPTI Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback into the draft strategic plan, which was released for comment in November 2015.

I am pleased to present the DPTI Strategic Plan 2016-2020 which articulates our direction for the next four years and sets out outcomes we can measure against as an organisation.

I look forward to each directorate developing delivery plans that will detail how they will work towards delivering on the outcomes.

Reform update

In December 2015, the senior leadership group agreed on the principles of reform which include:

  • reform should make a difference to our customers and be linked back to a real outcome to the community
  • reform should be aligned to government direction and objectives
  • think and act like one business being mindful of our primary service provision responsibilities
  • collaborate broadly with industry, councils, government
  • activate Adelaide/South Australia as a pilot or test city/region to stimulate the economy
  • building the capacity of regional businesses to deliver social outcomes
  • solving a problem and/or seizing an opportunity.

Our reform section is working with businesses across DPTI to assist in delivering further reform initiatives.

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan