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A Friday Note - 8 May 2015

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear All,

Squalls this week and more rain on the way. Might be time to check out more of Adelaide’s indoor attractions.


Forty staff gave up their weekend to take part in a massive cleanup at the Rail Infrastructure Maintenance facilities at Mile End. The effort to remove unused items and reorganise inventory will go a long way to improving how we work and make the environment safer for everyone. Thanks all involved for taking pride in your workplace.

Thanks to staff involved in initiatives as part of the Yellow Ribbon National Road Safety Week. In recognition of the role of communities in identifying and solving safety issues, the inaugural Community Road Safety Group Individual Service Award was presented. In addition, we helped launch a new education program for children, together with a couple of characters from Sesame Street, which really got their attention.

Structure plans

For those areas with implementation plans bedded down, draft organisation structures will follow as soon as possible. If you have something to say, please get involved as your input makes a difference. The best way is to provide feedback is directly to your manager. Don’t leave something unsaid and then wonder why nothing changed. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me as well.

Manager Announcements

I am pleased to announce that we have confirmed the following managers that will add to DPTI’s leadership team.

Manager Traffic Operations - Andy Excell
Manager Public Transport Operations and Planning - Michelle Spagnoletti
Manager Vehicle Operations - Tony Carbone


Following the release of the draft office accommodation plan last week, at least one group has consolidated and a number of others are moving in the next couple of weeks.


Rejuvenating this department is all about producing a better result for our customers. I recognise the time and effort this is taking to realign our focus and sharpen our processes and I thank you for your commitment and patience. However, it’s very exciting and encouraging to see the results we’re already achieving and some of the things to come:

  • Martin Green and his team in Ministerial Correspondence have led work to improve how we handle the great deal of correspondence we receive and share with our ministerial offices. The department will now respond directly to correspondence ministers receive from the public concerning operational issues. This will improve our turnaround time for customers while reducing our administrative burden. Other improvements include a central database detailing all general ministerial correspondence we’ve received.
  • Customers are appreciating the new technology that’s available to help with their journey. In the ten months following the implementation of Real-Time, overall patronage has increased. This growing confidence matches the feedback I’m getting, like the commuter on an O-Bahn service this week that had to divert because of a burst water main. Although the interruption meant the service arrived late, the bus driver took the time to explain what was happening and why – again basic customer service, but really great to see it happening and customers responding.
  • Our digital presence is increasingly important as customers use the internet to interact with us. We’ve redesigned our intranet and internet sites to reflect the new structure and are reorganising content to make it easier to find, use and maintain. Part of this includes making the pages accessible for everyone, especially those with an impairment or disability. These sites are constantly evolving so please continue to think about how your team can use this resource to better service customers.
More improvements in the pipeline
  • Yesterday, we started on another rejuvenation project - legislative reform across all parts of our business - asset management, customer service, safety regulation, project delivery, planning and land services. We have 80+ pieces of legislation that we administer, and some of them go back as far as 1886! If you want to know more get in touch with Matthew Loader.
  • The department is involved in the implementation of an Across Government Facilities Management Arrangement to improve services delivered to all departments, such as maintenance and cleaning. Facilities Services and our AGFMA Unit are working feverishly with Spotless to implement this by 1 July this year.
  • This department will play a huge role in delivering the government’s plan to make Adelaide a carbon neutral city. Our staff have so far contributed more than 40 initiatives, including support for electric, and even driverless vehicles, alternative transport options, smart LED street lighting and Green Star buildings. One of our cycling projects was praised by a customer this week - the Norwood Bicycle Boulevard, which will create a safer alternative for riders to and from the city. The person appreciated the new route and also the overall aim to offer more transport options for commuters - “This is a fantastic plan and I endorse what you are doing 100%,” he said.

We need to create more opportunities for Aboriginal employees for development and promotion in this department. An important part of this is recognising the challenges they may face and offer encouragement, support and training. For example, I’d like to see a greater representation of Aboriginal staff on employment selection panels. On May 20 the bi-annual Aboriginal Network Forum will be held - an opportunity to share experiences, raise issues, and determine ways forward in a supportive environment.


Thanks to marine staff who have helped with the implementation of the latest aspect of the national commercial marine system.


I have just waded through a tightly written seven page ‘brief’ - mainly regurgitated in a draft speech. Perhaps we can collectively focus on short, sharp documents for ministers with key issues, short sentences, dot points etc. Two pages should be the maximum please. We have as public servants great skills in communicating complex issues. Let's show just how good.


In a hat tip to this department, the redeveloped Adelaide Oval was recognised as the Best Tourism and Leisure Development in the country by the Property Council of Australia. This isn’t the first award this project has received and underlines its success as well as the important role this department can play in the development of this state.

Have a good weekend.

Michael Deegan