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A Friday Note - 3 July 2015

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Hi all,

Tragic news this morning about the Crows coach Phil Walsh.

While we have been busy reforming the department to cut duplication, save taxpayers’ money and build a structure with more meaningful work for our staff, I am often challenged about the ‘vision’. I have resisted to date because it is too often just guff. So in simple terms this is my view, remembering that I work to Ministers and government.


Mums and dads should go home every night to boys and girls - safely, from our offices, on the road and rail systems, on our construction sites, from our waterways - zero fatalities, zero harm - every day, every week, month and year. Clearly a lot of work is needed here.

Community service

Best in class is hard to say and harder to deliver. I want trains and buses on time, service delivery across the department to be best in class, globally.

Ports, freight, public transport and better services to indigenous Australians in remote communities

In my previous role I outlined to governments a way forward. Those documents are available at

Planning system and legislation

SA is ranked third best for planning in Australia. If we get to first globally, the economy will grow and the people prosper. Our legislation needs to give us the tools for the 21st century, not the 18th century.


Real value for money: on time and on budget so we get more jobs for more South Australians. The Premier’s passion for internationalising our economy is a huge opportunity. Andy Excell and his people are developing world class stuff on managing traffic. Our SAILIS product can be sold to the world and create more jobs in South Australia.

Leadership and Innovation

I want to see us lead in important areas like climate change, building design, driverless vehicles and be recognised globally for these achievements.

Partnerships and Communication

We need to form more partnerships with other agencies, NGOs, the private sector and communities, working collaboratively to achieve great outcomes. We need to make it easy for people to engage with us and get the information they want and need. I’d like to see such things as FoI, Ministerials etc reduced because the information is already available.

Digital by default

I want a paperless environment with people able to access what they need, when they need it and in the easiest form. We need to optimise our systems and operations.

Health and Recreation

Our elite athletes getting more recognition; more Olympic medals. I want to see more children and adults participating in sport, more active ways of travelling. This means more greenways, encouraging more walking and cycling and better connectivity with public transport.

The department

A place where people are challenged and supported and where people want to come and work. Where technology is used more often to make things happen more quickly.

In short - we are one business; best in class, delivering for our citizens and growing our economy. We embody simplicity, effectiveness and accountability.



  • Manager, Strategic and Development Planning, Andrew Grear
  • Deputy Manager, State Policy Planning and Reform, Chris Zafiropoulos
  • Manager, Rail Infrastructure Maintenance, Paul Burns

Like for like transitions

If you are anticipating being placed in a ‘like for like’ role but are yet to receive formal notification, I have asked managers to accelerate the delivery of notification. I know you are keen for certainty.

Restricted calls

As per last Friday’s note, a number of roles are being offered internally (restricted calls). Please note, if you have been placed or have transitioned into a role (i.e. you have received a letter confirming your transition into a role), you are not able to apply for these restricted calls. These are only available to those who have not been placed or transitioned into a role and satisfy the criteria for the role. A reminder that all applicants for restricted roles need to complete the Employee Declaration form attached to the restricted call email.

Remaining roles

Roles remaining vacant following the transition will be filled using normal recruitment processes, including consideration of available employees across the public sector. All employees, including those on term contracts, will be eligible to apply for these roles once they are advertised on

Questions and issues

I reiterate, if you have concerns about any part of the process I ask you to contact me, your Manager, General Manager, Gabby O’Neill or another member of the Transition Team with your specific concerns.

Staying informed

I expect all employees should now have an understanding from their manager about their transition status:

1.       If you are likely to transition into the new structure, or
2.       If you may be the subject of a restricted (fenced call), or
3.       If you are unlikely to transition into the new structure.

If you are not sure, please contact your manager or the Transition Team.


NAIDOC week (5 – 12 July) is a great opportunity to support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and participate in a range of activities. The theme for this year is ‘We All Stand On Sacred Ground: Learn, Respect and Celebrate’ and Adelaide is the host city for the National NAIDOC Awards. The department is committed to Reconciliation and Aboriginal Staff are supported with cultural leave to attend NAIDOC week events. An event you may want to consider is the NAIDOC Family Fun Day next Friday 10 July.  My personal thanks to Joyleen Thomas who has led much of the preparatory work.


There are a number of people leaving the department currently. Some to retirement, others for new opportunities. Some want to be acknowledged, others are doing that in smaller groups with their work colleagues. Each of these people have played an important part in serving our community, often for many years.

Next Thursday, Andrea Pearce will be leaving the department. Since joining in 1997, Andrea has been involved in over 40 amendment Bills and even more regulation changes, and from 2003 has led a high performing transport legislation team. I wish Andrea and our colleagues more broadly well in their futures.


Improved inventory management

Rail Infrastructure Maintenance has reached a major milestone in its efforts to improve efficiency and reduce expenditure. On 1 July procurement and management of inventory was transferred to the Maximo Asset Management System. The information this system provides will assist reduce procurement and holding costs while increasing the availability of parts for staff. Lessons learned from the successful installation of the system at the Tram Maintenance facility reduced the risks of this project and improved the result. An excellent effort from all involved.

New facilities management agreement

A new contract commenced this week that will continue the department’s facilities management arrangements across government for the next nine years. This agreement will result in more than 200,000 maintenance service jobs each year and is valued at over $1 billion. These services are integral to maintaining, managing and improving government building assets that underpin essential community services. The contract renewal project began in 2013 and was made possible by the fantastic team work of all involved, including the Across Government Facilities Management Arrangement (AGFMA) unit, Facilities Services, Information Services and our external provider Spotless, with special thanks to Project Manager Michael Alliston.

Road project underway on APY Lands

The first construction works of the APY Lands Main Access Road Upgrade Project are underway - an SA company is upgrading the road from Pukatja (Ernabella) to the local airstrip. In all, this five year, 210km road upgrade will significantly improve access for communities in the region. The start of works is a credit to the project team, led by Mick Horner, Braydon Ames and Jodie Grayson, and supported on the ground by Steve Scott and Karl Dowling.


DPTI’s Andrew Muecke has an album out that’s getting some excellent reviews. The creativity of his music is almost matched by the album descriptions. Have a listen.

Have a good weekend. As always please don’t hesitate to provide me your views on any of the above or other issues. Your communication with me is completely confidential.

Michael Deegan