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A Friday Note - 31 July 2015

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all,

It’s been an interesting week…  As usual there has been a lot on and I have enjoyed the challenge of Acting CE, in particular the opportunity to work more closely with other parts of the department outside of the Development Division. I am impressed by the diversity of our work, and the work ethic and responsiveness of our staff. I can’t wait to do it all again next week.


So far 926 letters have been sent to staff transitioning into ‘Like for Like’ roles across the department. If you have concerns or questions about your situation, please talk to your Manager, General Manager, Gabby O’Neill or another member of the Transition Team.

Recruitment across DPTI

Lots of feedback and interest was received about the expressions of interest mentioned in last Friday’s note. We want to make sure that no ongoing DPTI employee is missing out on vacancies. Roles remaining vacant following restricted calls will be called across the DPTI broadcast exchange as an expression of interest allowing all ongoing DPTI employees at any classification level to apply. Ongoing DPTI employees already transitioned into a role (i.e. those that have received a letter confirming their transition into a role) are eligible to apply. Please contact the suggested enquiries person for further information.

Management appointments

Manager, Technical Services, Stephen Pascale

Final CBD office accommodation plan

Most aspects of the new DPTI CBD office accommodation arrangements have now been finalised. This may change slightly depending on the final structures of teams. Around 25 per cent of staff relocations have been completed and the rest will follow in the coming weeks. If you have any questions please speak with your Manager.


The Office of Recreation and Sport and the Media, Communications and Engagement team have further developed the Essentials for Coaching Children course, which is delivered around 25 times per year to help new coaches and parents manage the often rewarding though challenging task of coaching children’s sport. The new resources, including a comprehensive presenters kit, videos and fact sheets equip coaches with tools to provide children with the best sport experience possible. Scheduled courses can be found on the website.


After 42 years in the public service, Livio Pennino, part of the Fleet and Depot group, is retiring. Livio has provided invaluable, professional and loyal service during this time, building excellent relationships with contractors, suppliers and manufacturers. Congratulations Livio and wishing you all the best for your retirement.



Well done and thank you to all staff involved in preparing information for our Ministers and participating in this year’s Parliamentary Estimates Committee hearings, which finished this week. This is a significant task for this department given the number of Ministers we serve and the breadth of their portfolios.

Praise for road change

Transport company K&S Corporation has written to thank our Asset Management team for closing the median opening adjacent their premises along Jubilee Highway West, Mount Gambier. The closure was aimed at reducing dangerous driver behaviour, which was greatly appreciated by the company: “our staff feel much safer now and of course there are no near misses now with cars doing u-turns and vehicles exiting from parking lanes and doing u-turns straight across to the other side of the road”. The team’s responsiveness was also praised: “the speed and manner in which the task was undertaken was amazing and those working on the task should be commended on their work ethic”. Well done to Tim Wilson, who led the project and worked with the company and the City of Mount Gambier to deliver a great outcome.

Have a good weekend.

Andrew McKeegan
Acting Chief Executive