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A Friday Note - 2 October 2015

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all,

The sun is shining and looking forward to the long weekend ahead. If you are planning a drive please think ahead and consider your options, drive to the conditions, take plenty of rest stops if it’s a long journey, and above all please drive safely.

For the past week I have been in the Silicon Valley looking at innovation and digital ‘disruption’. Two big lessons – the driverless car concept is extraordinary, particularly in the traffic engineering smarts and secondly, the Internet of Things and its capacity to reform approaches to climate change and quality of life generally.  Things move fast and there are significant challenges to global ‘business as usual’ for government and industry.  In many of the businesses here the collaborative models are way ahead of us.


Fantastic for Adelaide that so many people took advantage of the fine weather last weekend and visited the Oz Asia festival, but this resulted in a sudden and unexpected demand on our public transport system. Special thanks to all our staff called on to manage this.


Homelessness appears a growing local and global problem.  Your suggestions about what this agency could do would be welcome.


As transition progresses and our employees are being considered for roles across DPTI we have extended the Rejuvenation Consultative Forum till December and continue to share information and discuss any concerns.  If you would like to read the forum minutes you can find them on our Intranet site.


The final Performance Support Services structure is scheduled to be released next week. If you are in scope for this section you should expect to receive further communication next week on how this transition will impact you.


National Safe Work Month is happening now and throughout October. Events are being held across our worksites to promote safety, health and wellbeing within our workplaces. Stay up to date through our weekly updates.


We have staff who spend long stretches of time away from their homes to do vital work in remote areas.  The recent installation of a new Gang Camp about 15 kilometres south west of Innamincka will provide workers with a few more home comforts.  Thanks to Trevor Graetz for his presentation.


Important engagement and feedback continues between our Department, industry groups, community organisations and other state government agencies in relation to planning reform.


Our Geotechnical staff were out this week managing the pinning and securing of a large rock on Gorge Road. Another example of the tireless work we do to keep our roads safe for all users.


Property Network Group - APY Lands Cultural Event

A few weeks ago our Property Network group showcased some of the fantastic work that our Department carries out on the APY lands. The group was taken on a journey together with our helpful and informative museum guides as we stepped back in time discovering the history of our beautiful country and its people.

Have a good weekend.

Michael Deegan