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A Friday Note - 2 April 2015

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Whatever you do and however you spend your Easter, please enjoy and take care.


For those heading away to join friends and family over the Easter break, be patient, be alert and be safe on the roads.  Each and every loss of life or serious injury on our roads is devastating.  And while every day we ask the same of all our road users – slow down, drive to conditions, obey the rules, all it takes in one lapse in concentration, one distraction, to change the lives of many. It is particularly poignant at holiday times when people are focused on happy occasions and spending time with friends and family.


Recently we have outlined the steps mangers need to take as part of transition. Most have now prepared their business cases and worked out ‘what do we do well, what outcomes can we achieve, what don’t we need to do and how could we streamline and be more effective’. Draft implementation plans are being developed. Innovation, collaboration and standardisation are key considerations in this work and you can expect to be consulted by your manager about your section. Please provide feedback, there may be a better way of doing things that we have not thought of yet.  After the implementation plan is drafted and consultation has occurred with you, employee associations and unions, all feedback will be genuinely considered to finalise the document and help create a draft organisational structure, again seeking your feedback. Once the structure, role classification and role statements have been drafted, consulted, formalised with feedback genuinely considered, we will begin to transition into the new structure.

This is an exciting and challenging time for the organisation please meet with your manager to discuss anything that is on your mind, if they are not around make a time to meet, your thoughts are important.


We are commencing moves to consolidate DPTI’s Property Team and locate them at 211 Victoria Square. The Accommodation team is also working with the Risk and Assurance team to consolidate and move in stages to 77 Grenfell Street. Further details will be provided on relocation as we work through the rejuvenation. Questions are being asked about IT and Corporate Records, these teams will remain at 77 Grenfell Street. 


This week saw an announcement and release of a report, A Modern Transport System for Agriculture: A New Partnership Approach, by Ministers Mullighan, Brock and Bignell around reform to modernise the transport system for the agriculture industry. The report outlines infrastructure upgrades and changes to red tape to help align the state’s heavy vehicle regulations with the agriculture industry. It is the culmination of a 90-Day Change project and shows the fantastic results of close partnerships and collaboration between government and industry, in this case with DPTI, Primary Producers SA, Primary Industries and Regions SA. Well done to all involved, particularly Don Hogben, Lindsay Oxlad, Lillia Rozaklis, Silvio Visentin, Tim Ireland, Peter Hale and Ange Slagter. I would also like to pay particular tribute to David Smith of Smith’s Haulage. David has gone out of his way and is a clear industry leader in this new partnership approach.


The Women's Honour Roll pays tribute to South Australian women for their outstanding contribution in the community, in either a paid or volunteer role. Women are involved in every aspect of our society and work tirelessly towards creating a dynamic, innovative and inclusive society, many without recognition or reward. The 2015 Women’s Honour Roll will focus on recognising women who have not previously been acknowledged and who have made an impact at a local, national or international level. The Women’s Honour Roll is held biennially and will ensure that a broad cross-section of women in the community are acknowledged and celebrated. Nominations for the Honour Roll close on Friday 5 June 2015. Nomination forms can be downloaded at or collected from the Women’s Information Service shopfront at 101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide.


Minister Mullighan has received an email praising the work of facilities manager Kevin Archer for his role in assisting individuals and businesses with relocation on the Torrens to Torrens project. Kevin is recognised in the community as an “enabler and a bridge builder”. As I have mentioned before, it is not an easy role for our staff involved in such work and to hear such praise for individuals is uplifting. “The character of a man stands out above all. Kevin is an individual from the department we hope to remain in contact with beyond this project because of his authenticity. Without a lofty role or lofty rhetoric, we have seen a person with genuine intent who has honed the skill of doing the right thing while doing things right. We are sure there are others in DPTI who have or are developing these traits and we hope to meet them in our future endeavours.”

Have a good weekend and a happy Easter.

Michael Deegan