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A Friday Note - 29 July 2016

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all

Our recent weather is certainly a reminder to take care.

This picture shows the sheet of metal that was blown onto our overhead power lines near Lonsdale Station on Monday afternoon. Our crews carried out a delicate operation in difficult conditions to rectify the storm damage that evening. We thank everyone involved, not only in restoring train services, but also managing the outage.

Staff from Field Services have been braving the conditions once again to clear roads, repair guard rails, fill potholes and fix road signs. Many go to great lengths and, as you can see below, great heights to get the job done and keep the public safe.

The weather also challenged our rail signals team repairing a major level crossing on Park Terrace, which was damaged by a vehicle crash last weekend. The works were expected to take several days, severely impacting road users along this busy thoroughfare. However, our people worked around the clock to get traffic back to normal well ahead of schedule.


All of this work goes to the heart of safety. It is timely, as our department has just released an important draft safety strategy around rail crossings. Have a read here.

Safety and well-being are also at the forefront of a new camp for our second road re-sheeting gang at Melon Creek on the Birdsville Track. It replaces the old caravan camp, which has been in service since the early 60s.

It provides Field Services, Outback Roads and Eyre crews with improved, transportable living quarters and camp facilities.

Still on safety, last Friday night an emergency exercise was conducted to manually raise and lower the road and rail bridges at Port Adelaide during a simulated power outage. Efforts concluded safely and successfully, thanks to collaboration between Field Services, Mechanical & Electrical Assets Section, the head service contractor for the Port River Expressway Bridge, Lend Lease, ARTC and the Traffic Management Centre.


Our department is teaming up with Adelaide City Council to deliver $12m in funding to transform the city experience for bike riders. It represents the largest single investment in cycling infrastructure in the city’s history and aligns with many of our goals. Details here.


A team of DPTI experts led by Chris Rawlinson and John Ruciak is proudly supporting this year’s Unleashed open data competition starting tonight and running all weekend. We’ve released some real time data on traffic delays and other statistics to support the exercise. We look forward to seeing the results.


In light of our recent White Ribbon workplace accreditation, a reminder that tonight is White Ribbon Night – so have a night in and get the word out.


The Office for Design and Architecture SA is hosting the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects 2016 Award exhibition at 28 Leigh St. It’s being launched tonight and will be open to the public from Monday 1 August to Friday 5 August between 12pm and 2pm.


Staff at the Office of Recreation and Sport have embraced the ‘bias for yes’ to get the program of sports grants out before the end of the financial year. The teams took up a great challenge to work with communities to deliver some much needed sporting outcomes for South Australia. That type of collaboration is also in play amongst our people at Regency Park working with industry, including Ahrens, to create benefits for SA.

A DPTI employee fresh to public transport has reported her joy in witnessing a culture of gratitude and support from and amongst our passengers. It is amazing how far a simple ‘thank you’ goes.

Today marks two years in the job. Standing with Sam Brown and Peter Greaves in the cold and rain at Brighton, I was again reminded of what I have seen every day of those two years - the people in this department committed to outstanding public service.

This is neither lightly said by me nor lightly delivered by you.

I am humbled to be your servant.

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan