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A Friday Note - 26 June 2015

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Hi all,

A dry start to winter.


Radio National’s Off Track program recently featured our outback road teams. This week the show will interview Alan Morris from Operational Services about road safety in the outback. Please note, it’s a tough listen at times, but gives an insight into the trauma that can be caused on our roads, for the victims, but also for those who attend road accidents.


Following four well attended paid time meetings, organised by Gabby O’Neill from People and Performance, the Public Service Association (PSA) has written to us. The feedback covered a number of themes including communication, genuine consultation, TVSPs, term contracts, fenced calls and the reasons for change. Each time I receive this feedback I have asked the PSA to provide more details about their claims so they can be specifically addressed. While I have always encouraged your direct feedback, in the absence of detail from the PSA, I am asking you to contact me or the Transition Team with your specific concerns about any shortcomings you see in our process.

Manager appointments

  • Manager, Strategic Assessment and Investment, Anita Allen
  • Deputy Manager, Major, Crown Development and Grants, Rob Kleeman
  • Deputy Manager, Development Assessment, Mark Adcock

Role vacancies

You would have noticed a number of department roles advertised in the last couple of weeks. These are restricted roles offered in alignment with the Transition Principles. Please visit the Internal Employment Opportunities site on the intranet to see a list of current vacancies.


After much discussion with stakeholders, a package of planning changes became law yesterday. The Miscellaneous 2015 package will mean our current planning system can be streamlined and improved while the wider planning reforms are being developed. This package contains a large number of smaller but important changes that will clarify the operation of the system, support investment in our state and improve customer service.  Well done to the Development Division’s planning legislation team, including David Whiterod and in particular the tireless work of Simon Howes.


Industrial action is expected  to impact the running of tram services later today and train services on Monday, 29 June 2015. The department will make every endeavour to minimise inconvenience for passengers, including offering substitute buses in lieu of trams today. Customers, and particularly students who may be sitting exams during this time, are advised to plan ahead and seek alternative methods of transport. Visit the Adelaide Metro website for further details.


A new website was launched this week, developed by our Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) Office. The Location SA Map Viewer combines around 160 sets of government data in one place, giving the public the ability to search for locations and other information on items such as school zones, public transport, traffic volumes, air quality measures and planning development zones. The information assists businesses, citizens and community groups. The map viewer development commenced in March this year and is already attracting a wide cross-section of users. Well done to David Harvey and his team on this significant achievement.


In the last 12 months, Sean Frost, Tim Rogers and Phil Leonard have visited and engaged with 13 Aboriginal communities in the APY Lands to map and create draft names for 140 roads in the area. The names will be used to create addresses to help residents use services such as banking, car registration and licensing and will form part of the state and national public registers. The next stage involves seeking approval from the APY Executive board. A great effort.


A group from Facilities Services and Field Services joined The Office of the Industry Advocate and local council at the inaugural Eyre Peninsula Regional Meet the Buyer event in Wudinna. The evening gave more than 35 local businesses the chance to discuss procurement and contracting opportunities with senior project and contract managers from local council and the majority of state government agencies.


This week and next a number of staff will leave the department to pursue other challenges or enjoy retirement. Many have spent a large part of their career, if not all of it, serving the public and deserve recognition, such as Geoff Woodman and Dave Holding, who each have worked with the department for 53 years. On Wednesday both Steve Clark and Noel O'Callaghan received Outstanding Service Awards from Austroads to recognise their contribution to Austroads and its activities over a sustained period, particularly in the areas of traffic engineering and road design. Thank you all for your dedication and commitment and I wish you all the best for the future.


Genuine consultation

David Colovic wrote to thank staff for listening to his feedback about the proposed upgrade to Park Tce, Fitzroy Tce and Torrens Rd. Mr Colovic’s comments, along with input from other members of the community, were taken into consideration during creation of the final design for the project. David wrote in response: “Thanks again for listening - and embracing residents’ concerns. Please also pass on my thanks to your team members, who have obviously done plenty of work on this in the last months to get it right.” Well done to the project team, including Jon Whelan, Ben Champion, Ben Glennon and Sonya Djukic, who met with Mr Colovic to discuss his concerns.

Family history help

Well done to Mike Johncock from Investment Strategy. He recently assisted Ron Rowe from Western Australia who was trying to discover if a relative had ever owned property in South Australia. Mr Rowe was so impressed with the level of service he received he wrote: “I have never had help like this from government agencies in 50 years of genealogy.” Quite a compliment.

Bright future

Graduate Engineer Matthew Matricciani has won the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management Incorporated (AITPM) Young Professional Award for South Australia. He was selected based on his accomplishments, career aspirations and passion for traffic and transport planning, management and engineering. Matthew joined the department at the beginning of the year and has been working in Infrastructure and Services Planning. He has made contributions to the development of spatial data for current and future bus networks and has assisted in tender and procurement processes. Congratulations Matthew.

Advantage in registering a Metrocard

A customer wrote in to thank staff for assisting her after she misplaced her Metrocard. The customer had registered the card and was very relieved she was able to transfer the balance to a new one. Fortunately the original card was also handed in. The customer wrote: “something that could have been an ordinary start to my day left me with a positive feeling about the great system and staff DPTI have in place.” Go to the website for more on protecting your Metrocard.

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan