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A Friday Note - 25 September 2015

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all,

Looking after our public spaces and infrastructure is very important and lets people know that we care about providing and maintaining attractive, safe and useable spaces. Have a look here at what a Work For The Dole, Job Prospects group is doing for us and our customers.


The government’s response to the Coroner on the South Eastern Freeway has been managed with care and sensitivity by Paul Gelston. Paul is one of the great leaders in our Department. Quietly and calmly he has produced and continues to produce outstanding results.


With legislation introduced this week to facilitate trials of driverless cars on our roads, it is very exciting to be part of a Department at the cutting edge, internationally.


You will soon notice further steps to improve our internal security and safety matters. We currently have many more security passes than staff and many with 24/7 access. For safety reasons this needs to change, and please address any concerns to me rather than security staff or your colleagues and I will review.   Access rights will be issued centrally through our corporate area relieving building management of this workload.  If you have responsibility in your area for access, keys etc you might start your own review and sharpen up security now.


The DPTI Safe Work Month calendar is now available and contains Work, Health and Safety events scheduled across October to get you focused on safety. Please RSVP for presentations at: DPTI:WHS HR Policy Strategy


Are you passionate about improving DPTI’s culture and making the department the best place to work?  Email DPTI:OP&D by Friday 30 October with 250 words or less addressing how you meet the expected responsibilities and behavioural attributes of a Culture Lead. Further information is available here.


An initiative our rail people have picked up from Bombardier is to start a simple process to document our successes and challenges in staff areas. Have a think about what might work in your area – maybe safety stats? Projects delivered on time or on budget? If we don't measure, we don't see what we can improve.


The department has been undergoing unprecedented change during 2015. This change process has not been easy but is a critical first step to creating a new organisation where values are lived by each and every employee, where innovation drives us forward and where safety is at the centre of everything we do.   I want you all to take care in your interactions with others and to treat other persons with respect and courtesy at all times. I need everyone to understand that the Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public Sector binds us to these concepts of respect and courtesy.  I need you to understand that it is never acceptable to use another person’s behaviour to excuse our own.

The organisation that we are creating is one where each individual takes personal responsibility for their own behaviour and holds themselves to a high standard of behaviour regardless of that displayed by others. I will not tolerate bullying or racism in any form. DPTI will be an organisation where people feel safe and respected.  In addition, a reminder that as part of our Employee Assistance Program, CHG provides a range of support services for staff.  Appointments can be made by contacting CHG on 8352 9898 (EAP Services) between the hours of 8.30am to 5pm on weekdays or 0418 883 855 (CIR Services, after hours EAP) at all other times.


Lots of staff come to me seeking new opportunities. Sometimes we have had terrific results, others have been more challenging.  I am always up for this discussion, so please let me know of any good ideas out there.


These Friday notes are part of my feeble efforts to try and keep you informed of what is going on in the department.  Any questions, comments or suggestions for content or improvement are always welcome.


City/Bay Run

A special thanks to the men and women who organised and operated services for the City/Bay run last week.  As a participant it was clear that the organisation of the roads and public transport was first class – well done.

Northern Connector

Last Friday Minister Mullighan hosted a small function to thank over 60 people involved in getting an outstanding funding result on the Northern Connector. I am keen that we continue to celebrate and recognise great outcomes.

Have a good weekend.

Michael Deegan