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A Friday Note - 23 October

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Dear all,

My post from last week about an initiative to use decommissioned buses to provide safe, clean shower facilities for homeless people has struck a chord. I’ve received a number of suggestions from colleagues who care deeply about this issue and are looking at solutions.

Ideas range from our Department engaging with the ‘Big Issue’ magazine, through to allocating disused land to help homeless people, and also a suggestion that we could refurbish one of our existing buildings. These ideas are fantastic, and I want to keep the conversation and the ideas flowing.

Well done to Kara Wittwer from our People and Performance area. Kara got back to me very quickly last week and correctly identified Faith Thomas (nee Coulthard) as the first Aboriginal woman to play cricket for Australia. This week’s Australiana question - who was the first Aboriginal athlete to win an Olympic Gold medal?


We are now into the fourth and final week of Safe Work Month, and our theme this week is Wellbeing. Take the opportunity to attend a Safe Work Month presentation in the Safe Work Month calendar of events and ensure you RSVP to DPTI:WHS HR Policy Strategy. Additionally, don’t forget to check out our final weekly update.


Ride 2 Work Day is a great initiative that encourages people to swap four wheels for two and try cycling into work. Roma Mitchell House based Alex Hart and Chris Zafiropoulos clearly enjoyed their ride to work, and don’t forget we have shower and secure bike storage facilities at a number of our work sites.


Our new Reform Group has been set up to co-ordinate, facilitate, challenge, enable and support the organisation to assess and continually improve its approach to wider reform across the department. The Group is looking to find out what your perceptions are with regard to how our Department delivers services to the community under the newly aligned business functions and structures. Submit your feedback to DPTI:Reform Team Feedback.


The Portfolio Management Office will soon be up and running with significant work having gone into its establishment - big thanks to Kevin O’Callaghan, Wayne Buckerfield and the project team. The PMO has now been resourced with the following team; Andy Excell, Emma Kokar, Mick Lorenz, Damien Anderson, Eleanor Freeman and David Austin. Over the next couple of weeks, these staff will move to Level 9, RMH, with our Chiefs. More information about the PMO can be found here.


The Adelaide Mini Maker Faire is an event to inspire, inform, connect and entertain thousands of attendees in a family-friendly environment that celebrates technology, education, science, arts, crafts, engineering, food, sustainability and more. John Ruciak from our Information Services area is involved in the event and pointed out that our Department has agreed to run train services to the site on the Tonsley line to help people get to where the action is. Find out more here.


Would you pay to see the Chief Executive of the AGD, Rick Persse, in a dress? Rick has agreed to frock up to raise funds to educate girls in Africa as part of One Girl’s Do It In A Dress campaign. For $3,000 in donations Rick will run around the River Torrens in a school dress during the next round of the Corporate Cup. So what are you waiting for? donate at


Aboriginal administrative services trainees

A big well done to this year’s Aboriginal administrative services trainees who attended their graduation recently at an event held by training provider Maxima. Four of the trainees who attended gained qualifications in Certificate III in Business (Emma Gollan, Shanna Corney, Tom Hicks and Dylan Campbell) and the other Certificate IV in Business (Janice Collinson). One trainee (Renee Wittwer) who gained qualifications in Certificate III in business was unable to attend. Pictured left to right are: Emma Gollan, Shanna Corney, Janice Collinson, Tom Hicks and Dylan Campbell.

AAPA Awards

Our Department received an award recently at the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association Awards night for innovation in trailing a triple seal. This is a triple layered application of bitumen and stone onto a road surface to create a hard wearing surface that can stand up to heavy traffic, particularly in isolated rural areas. Well done to all involved.

Road Safety Practitioner’s Award

Congratulations to Paula Norman, Nicole Middleton and Carol Nightingale from our Safety and Policy Programs area for winning the Road Safety Practitioner’s Award at the Australasian Road Safety Conference held in Queensland last week for their presented paper Enhancing South Australia's Graduated Licensing Scheme through road safety partnerships and a strong evidence-base. Fantastic work, and further reinforcement that South Australia now has one of the best Graduated Licensing Schemes in the country.

Have a good weekend.

Michael Deegan