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A Friday note - 17 April 2015

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear All

Something for everyone with a mixed bag this week on the weather front.


Last week I asked for feedback on what you thought we could do to address safety in our department. One plea was for the use of hi-vis vests when in the depot grounds.  Also why safety officers in both rail and road maintenance have not adopted or policed this policy. No one walking through a depot should be exempt from wearing these. Make eye contact with vehicle operators etc and make sure mums and dads go home to boys and girls.  Please make sure you wear a safety vest whenever in a zone where pedestrians and vehicles mix.  Never walk past a safety hazard.

Also some issues about safety for our revenue officers on the trains.  This is a complex issue but again I appreciate staff raising these matters with me directly.

Some feedback from one of our interstate taxi customers: “I had the first ride in a taxi from the airport tonight which was meticulously clean, driven by an extremely safety conscious driver who should be the poster boy of SA taxis. Zac was extremely courteous, a very safe driver, explained the fee structure before leaving the airport, was very well attired and is the only taxi driver that I have never had to chat about checking his mobile phone during my visits to Adelaide.”


The rejuvenation process has now kicked up a gear with strong engagement from many of our staff wanting change; flatter structures and more direct engagement in what the department does in serving the government and our community. 

Of course there are issues with change so if you have concerns please contact me directly.  Our unions are also heavily engaged and I encourage you to talk to them about any concerns you may have.

For those of you that have registered for a TVSP, please be patient - the team are working hard to expedite the process.

One of our bigger unions, the Rail, Tram and Bus Union, has offered direct support on my campaign to eliminate bullying and harassment.  This is real leadership on their part and a genuine effort to assist members where these practices have endured for far too long.  My thanks.


Work by the department in the APY Lands continues to receive positive feedback. The APY Executive is pleased efforts by the Waste and Landfill Program have included engaging Anangu and themselves. Well done to Stuart Sturgess and his team.

Great effort from Paul Burns, Richard Edwards, Peter Short and former employee Peter Tymukas, who are currently cycling from Canberra to Adelaide for the Legacy Ride. They have raised many thousands of dollars for the Legacy cause.   If you want to contribute, visit the Tour de Legacy web page.


Dusan Vavic leaves the department to retire after 46 years service.  He has made some great contributions to road design for South Australia and we wish him well in his retirement.

Have a good weekend.

Michael Deegan