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A Friday Note - 9 October

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all,

I think it is safe to say that summer has well and truly arrived here in Adelaide. Each season offers different opportunities to relax and enjoy time with friends and family, and summer especially provides ample opportunities for outdoor pursuits. Whether you are walking, cycling, driving or even boating this summer please follow the appropriate safety advice and above all, enjoy yourselves. Last week with Spiros Dimas and Gonz Uyttenhove, Minister Mullighan opened a major boat ramp facility for the lobster industry and the community. Mighty fine weather there too.


We are now into the third week of Safe Work Month and our theme for this week is Health. There are a range of events happening across our worksites this week, so please get involved and send RSVPs to DPTI:WHS HR Policy Strategy. Additionally, don’t forget to stay up to date through our weekly updates.


Staying on the theme of safety, it is important to undertake regular workplace inspections, wherever you are based. Especially with so many people relocating please take the time to remove unnecessary hazards and consider your own as well as your colleagues' safety.


Our Marine Operations and Vehicle operations groups will be merged to form one new section under the leadership of Tony Carbone from mid November. This new arrangement will allow more effective 'on road' and 'on water' operations for the ultimate benefit of our customers. Initiatives like this are coming from staff looking to work better together.  We are also looking at consolidating our staff accommodation both in Adelaide and regional centres to better reflect the rejuvenated department with a sharper focus on customers and service and giving our staff more opportunities.


Zenna Ferguson from our Records area asked me to remind anyone changing roles or locations to update SA Direct. This will make it easier for others to find you and for you to find others.


A big thank you to all involved in the work over the weekend to re-sleeper the Port River Bridge down track. An outstanding example of teamwork coupled with a strong work ethic ensured everything went to plan with minimal disruption to our customers.


I love to hear your ideas, and recently Sean Leyden who is a consultant working in our Portfolio Management area told me about an amazing initiative from the U.S. Sean attended a conference about cities for tomorrow and heard about a project which used decommissioned city buses to provide safe, clean shower facilities for homeless people. Could we do something as simple and innovative in South Australia?


The South Australia's Women's Policy - Achieving Women's Equality was launched by the Hon. Gail Gago in July this year. This policy outlines our Government's commitment to the full and free participation of women and girls in all aspects of society. I encourage you to find out more here and thank Jody Atkins for bringing this to my attention.


How well do you know our Aboriginal history? See how you go with the question below. I'll post the answer next week along with another question.

Who was the first Aboriginal woman to play cricket for Australia?


Airport Innovation

Congratulations to our Aviation Planning team for scooping Corporate Project of the Year at the recent Australian Airports Association 2015 Airport Industry Awards. The team was recognised for a project to master plan no less than 19 Regional airports. Fantastic result to be recognised at a National level.

Have a good weekend.

Michael Deegan