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A Friday Note - 15 May 2015

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear All,

After a wet start, cool, crisp mornings have arrived. Invigorating.


Arrium Mining in Whyalla has created a safety campaign around the importance of protecting what you value and the significance of safety in your life. It’s an important message and an interesting way of getting it across. Please take a few minutes to watch the following: Swear by safety TV ad – family Swear by safety TV ad – freedom


Management appointments

I am pleased to announce that we have confirmed the following managers that will add to DPTI’s leadership team.

Manager Road and Marine Assets, Mick Lorenz

Manager Rail Operations, Robert Stopp

Meetings with associations and unions

Given the nature of the proposed change across the breadth of the organisation, Gabby O’Neill is organising paid time meetings to be set up with associations and unions to discuss transition of employees into organisation structures. All DPTI employees, including non-members, employee associations and unions will be invited to be involved. Details of meetings to follow.

Transition into new structures

Once the consultation on Draft Organisational structures ends, and final structures are published, the transition of employees into new organisational structures will commence in line with the Guiding Principles for Transition. As we move to the next stage of the transition, section managers are developing role statements with support from human resources to reflect the needs of their respective businesses. Role statements will be the subject of discussion with employees and all feedback will be genuinely considered. I encourage you to talk to your managers if you have questions or concerns. Support your work colleagues; touch base regularly and make sure that they are travelling ok. I also remind you of services that are available to employees via the Employee Assistance Program.


The consultation period for the Draft Office Accommodation Plan ends 5pm on Friday 22 May 2015. Resulting changes will be reflected in the draft office accommodation schedule. There are a few issues so here so please hold your horses until the full plan comes together.

Relocations have focussed on CBD offices to reflect the realignment of the Department’s functions. Metropolitan Adelaide will be reviewed next as part of this process. Changes to regional South Australia will only occur through the normal course of business and not as part of the current transition to the new structure.


Last week I had the pleasure of joining operations controller Jenny O’Loughlin on a cold and rainy night as she worked with our engineers and staff on the Seaford line to give them as much safe track time as possible between services. This is part of an effort to improve the condition of the track so our on-time running performance improves.


Please take five minutes to complete this survey and help get us to the next stage of White Ribbon accreditation – an important step in stamping out violence against women.


Last week our national response team had to handle an emergency of the type they hadn’t encountered before. A ship leaking acid was on its way to our waters. In such maritime emergencies this department is the lead agency. Our staff handled themselves extremely well and a potentially dangerous situation was contained and any damage or injury prevented.  You can read more on the incident here. As many of you know there is a lot of romance and derring do associated with industries like marine and rail. There are lots of dangers as well. The efforts of our marine staff sometime go unnoticed. They have had a rough time the last few months. My thoughts and support for them is ongoing.

More praise for our public transport staff. The driver of the 8:30 Monday morning service from Seaford gave commuters a cheery start to the week with a ‘happy Monday morning’ greeting as the train arrived in Adelaide. Passengers appreciate every effort to keep them informed and engaged.


During this time of change, some who are leaving prefer to do so on the quiet. We should respect this, however if all involved are comfortable, I ask that teams acknowledge the valuable contributions their colleagues have made and join me in saying a sincere thank you and wishing them all the very best for the future.

Last weekend with the rain I tucked into a few PhD theses from some of our traffic staff, Bayesian theory, automatic incident detection etc. Some terrific stuff but I am looking forward to getting back outside this weekend. Have a good weekend.

Michael Deegan