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A Friday Note - 13 November 2015

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear all,

Lots of good news and well dones for this week that show just how diverse our Department is, and also how many dedicated people are working hard to serve our customers. I am proud to lead such an innovative, forward thinking organisation.

Juanita Chester and Paul Herzich were very quick off the mark with five Aboriginal languages from South Australia: Pitjantjatjara, Yankuntjatjara, Adnyamathanha, Ngarrindjeri and Antakarinja from Juanita, and Kokatha, Adnyamathanha, Ngarrindjeri, Ngadjuri, and Narungga from Paul. This State has a rich and diverse history.

Calling all footy fans – can you name five South Australian Aboriginal AFL players who played in the 2015 season?


The reform section has facilitated a number of workshops with a broad cross-section of our employees with the purpose of enabling each business area to challenge why we do things the way we do, to assist business areas to identify how they can achieve efficient integration, best in class customer service, operational performance and a values based organisation. For more information on the reform section click here.


Last week’s message about developing your presentation and public speaking skills prompted Safety and Service Technical Officer George Spartalis to send me this link to Toastmasters International, Those of you in and around the western suburbs might be interested to know that a club at West Lakes is currently looking to increase their numbers,


The Portfolio Management Office team has commenced working across the Department with a focus on the 2016/17 budget prioritisation.


The Expenditure Review Committee continues to meet monthly looking at opportunities for the Department to be more efficient and effective in its expenditure of public funds. The focus has been on a number of input costs and while steady progress has been made I believe there are more opportunities.  To date we have achieved total savings in the order of $2.7M in the areas of vehicle fleet, overtime, temporary staff, entertainment, fringe benefits tax savings, and credit cards.


Traffic Management Centre

The Chief Executive of Novita Children’s Services wrote to our Traffic Management Centre to thank them for their support during the recent Convoy for Kids event. Over 400 trucks were involved and over $60k was raised to assist Novita in providing services and support to children with disabilities and their families. SAPOL also thanked the staff at our Traffic Management Centre for their assistance with the Royal visit. The team’s expertise meant the Royal motorcades were able to travel safely and efficiently.  Great work.

Phu Huynh

Phu is a graduate engineer in the Electrical Asset Maintenance area who as part of his final year project developed a system to undertake mobile evaluations and data collection for lamps on road lighting poles. This innovative project through its accurate and easy data collection has improved the efficiency of the road lighting maintenance group. Well done Phu.

Investment Management Directorate

State Coordinator-General, Jim Hallion asked me to pass on his thanks to our Investment Management area for their excellent work to help a number of key projects to reach approval stage or begin construction. Mr Hallion also praised our proactive approach to transport access on many developments, without compromising road safety or traffic flow.

Improved Inventory Management for Road Electrical Assets Store

Road Electrical Assets has reached a major milestone in its efforts to improve efficiency and reduce expenditure. The recent implementation of a new system will assist in the reduction of procurement processes and ongoing holding costs, shifting to a just in time system. An excellent effort from Marco Linsalata, Darren Ball, Vincent Lammerse and their respective teams.


This month saw the start of the new cruise season into Adelaide. Having cruises in town brings both opportunities and challenges for our Department. The safe and timely coordination of public transport by train for these customers from Outer Harbor to Adelaide is imperative to ensure their experience is a positive one. The teamwork between our Rail Operations, Planning, Ticketing, Frontline Services and Asset management teams is a credit to each group as they deal with the logistics of carrying cruise customers during peak travel periods. Well done to all and let’s continue to deliver a great service for the remainder of the season.

Outstanding Service Award

Donald Bryker from facilities services at Netley recently received an award for outstanding service from Peter Cosgrove, Chief Scout of Australia.  Well done.


Peter Roussos is retiring after over 40 years in the public service.  Peter has been a great asset to our roads area and amongst other things has assisted private industry to navigate a number of Roads Act issues.

Di Young leaves the department today after 33 years of service to the community and starts the next phase of her life.  While there are many others in a similar position I wanted to record my particular thanks to Di.  As I started here just over 12 months ago Di took on the role as my executive officer.  She has supported me at every turn with Ministers, their offices, the Department, industry and the community.  My thanks and thoughts for her success in retirement are deeply felt.

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan