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A Friday Note - 12 June 2015

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear All,

Great weather this week. Get outside and enjoy yourself. One of my great interests is as a soccer referee. To be doing that in Paradise this weekend almost seems to good to be true. One of our staff played in my first SA game recently and I think I went okay. He didn't abuse me.

If you are in Adelaide looking for something to do the Alan Brough cabaret session is fantastic. Satire at its best - the work over of Nick Cave is sensational.


Electrical testing

Electrical appliances (excluding PCs and fitted whiteboards) located in government buildings are routinely tested and tagged – any appliances that have expired or have not been tagged should be reported immediately to

Push for ABS on motorcycles

This department is leading a campaign to encourage motorcyclists to choose bikes fitted with anti-lock braking (ABS) technology. According to research, seven lives could have been saved and 57 serious injuries avoided in 2012, if all South Australian motorcycles had been fitted with this technology. The campaign was developed by the Safety Strategy Section - Matthew Leyson, Matthew Lohmeyer and Fiona Cartwright. Visit the website for more information.


Great feedback from our recent paid time meetings organised by Gabby O’Neill . To update you on our June 30 timeline: I expect that in the order of 70% of our staff should transition into unchanged roles (those that are like for like). Assurance and Risk is well into the process and all other areas should begin next week and be completed by June 30, 2015.

Fenced calls have started and will continue; the process for positions subject to merit-based selection will start shortly. I have asked the leadership team to undertake this work as quickly possible to ensure that people can take advantage of opportunities as they arise. My goal is to have as few people as possible displaced.

Manager appointments

  • Manager, Strategic Sourcing (formerly Procurement), Denise Hatzi
  • Manager, Infrastructure and Services Planning, Phil Lawes
  • Manager, Marine Operations, Siobhan Mutton


Our tram drivers are taking industrial action this week. The action is being taken as negotiations continue around enterprise bargaining for Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) members. We’re making every endeavour to assist passengers.


The revised plans for the O-Bahn City Access Project were released this week. The changes, including a longer tunnel and allowance for more car parking, were the result of hard work and extensive consultation with the public and stakeholders by the project team, led by Dariusz Fanok and Luigi Rossi. Dariusz is a particularly passionate and committed individual and the enthusiasm he fosters in his team will go a long way to ensuring the success of this project.


A reminder that all Cabinet business for our five Ministers (including submissions, notes, subcommittees, Cabinet comments and requests from other agencies) must be sent to Departmental Coordination, Customer Experience, once approved by Chief Officers. Departmental Coordination will facilitate CE approval and progression to Minister Offices. Unless this area signs off, the submission will not proceed. Please contact Megan Butler on 7109 7285 with any questions.


To mark its tenth anniversary, the Carnegie Mellon University is offering four Downer-Rann scholarships, each with a value of up to $65,000. The scholarships are for full-time and part-time students resident in Australia to study the Master of Science in Public Policy and Management. Further details are available at


Recognition of service

Yesterday we had a fantastic session for our staff who have worked in the public sector for 30 years or more. Impressive people and a time of reflection for all. I think everyone present felt honoured and important. Deservedly. Some share their memories and achievements here. Congratulations too to event organiser Michelle Kneebone and her team of young and enthusiastic staff, including a number of our Aboriginal trainees, who volunteered to be involved and took the opportunity to chat with some of our longest serving staff.

iAWARDS, the Office for Recreation and Sport’s new online portal for its ‘Sport Vouchers’ initiative,, has won the award for the Government Services category in the 2015 iAWARDS. The portal enables clubs to register and claim submissions, as well as helping the public search for participating clubs. Development of the solution was a collaborative effort between Information Services, the Office for Recreation and Sport and vendor SMS Management and Technology. Congratulations and well done to all those involved.

Torrens Road to River Torrens Project
A difficult aspect of this project involves the acquisition of properties. This process requires particular sensitivity and understanding from our staff. One customer wrote to us this week to thank Wendy Thompson for the “professional, considerate and extremely accommodating” manner in which she dealt with them regarding the demolition of their home. Next week Wendy will leave the department to pursue another career opportunity. Thank you Wendy for the example you have set while working with this department.

Have a good weekend.

Michael Deegan