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A Friday Note - 19 December 2014

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive


While I have mentioned road safety a number of times in these messages, at this time of the year it is especially poignant. Too many families are missing loved ones this holiday season and too many communities are still grieving for the lives lost on our roads. If you are travelling – please be patient, drive to conditions and stop and take regular breaks.

Times of change require even greater focus on safety. That does not mean business as usual. Real safety outcomes require a sharper approach, fresh eyes and avoiding the ‘she’ll be right’ approach.


We have had a big year.

I look forward to building on the momentum we’ve gained and continuing the journey to transform the department into a high performance organisation. Thank you to all for your efforts to date. I know some have struggled with changes and some have truly taken the bull by the horns. I am honestly buoyed by the enthusiasm and the ideas that are being generated.


Charles Bertram from Real Estate Services marked 50 years of service with the department on Monday.  What an incredible effort. Charlie was among 220 staff celebrated with an event yesterday to recognise 35 years or more of service with the department. The wealth of knowledge in the Convention Centre yesterday was considerable and the stories behind each and every individual’s career varied.  Charlie is retiring next week and we wish him the best for the next chapter in his life. 


On a personal note, as someone from interstate I do want to express my appreciation for support from across all parts of the organisation. Tips about doctors, dentists, etc have been perfect. While still yet to resolve accommodation, the friendliness of all has been very much appreciated. 

I wish each and every one of you and your families a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. For those having an extended break – enjoy. I appreciate there are many staff who will be on deck over the holiday period keeping our state running, whether it be road, rail or marine transport, or keeping our customers connected with public transport; thank you to all these men and women.

Have a good weekend.

Michael Deegan