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A Friday note - 21 November 2014

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive


We have had a few incidents on the railways this week needing a continued sharp focus.
There have been more deaths on our roads.  Each one of these is at least one family deeply affected.  It tears me up and I just wonder what else I can do.


Following the Expression of Interest in the Friday Note of 7 November, I am pleased to advise the appointees who will lead the sections in an acting capacity commencing by 1 December 2014:

People and Business
Customer Experience (Tom Sanderson)
• Frontline Services Strategy – Kerri Flanagan
• Frontline Services Delivery – Dino Cappello
• Media, Engagement and Communications – Sam Rodrigues
• Customer Information Strategy – Alissa Smith
• Departmental Coordination – Meghan Oldfield

Investment Services (Bill Cagialis)
• Finance – Liliana Skeens
• Procurement – Rob Taverner
• Assurance and Risk – Emma Kokar

Information Services (Peter Auhl)
• Business Partnerships – Martin Palm
• Transformation Services – Jack Turner
• Technical Services – Richard Hill
• Quality Services – Shannon Smith

People and Performance (Gabby O’Neill)
• Organisation Performance and Development – David Austin
• People – Stephanie Lindsay
• Performance Support Services – Kelly Baines

Safety and Service
Operational Services (Paul Gelston)
• Traffic Operations – Andrew Excell
• Marine Operations – Siobhan Mutton
• Rail Operations – Robert Stopp
• Emergency Management – Shane Turner
• Integrated Transport – Michelle Spagnoletti
• Vehicle Operations – Tony Carbone

Asset Management (John Domino)
• Governance and Performance – to be advised
• Road / Marine – Mick Lorenz
• Rail / Electrical – Roydon Pye
• Property Management / Facilities Services – Helen Thornton
• Technical Services – Stephen Pascale

Project Delivery and Asset Maintenance (Luigi Rossi)
• North-South Corridor – Wayne Buckerfield
• Project Delivery – Jon Whelan
• Construction Contracting – Denise Hatzi
• Field Services – Peter Short
• Rail Infrastructure Maintenance – Paul Burns
• Rail Engineering and Rolling Stock – Phil Agnew

Safety and Policy Programs (Julie Holmes)
• Registration and Licensing Reform – Tim Harker
• Standards and Accreditation – Claire Heathcote
• Registration and Licensing Policy – Jane Fitzgerald
• Safer Travel and Behaviour Change – Margaret Howard
• Safety Strategy – Paula Norman

Information and Strategy (Stuart Moseley)
• Development Planning – Chris Zafiropoulos
• Strategic Planning – Andrew Grear
• Office of Local Government – Alex Hart
Investment Management (Sally Smith)
• Development Assessment – Robert Kleeman
• Strategic Investment – Anita Allen

Architecture & Built Environment (Kirsteen MacKay)
• Property – Mohammed Elgazaar
• Design Advice & Review – to be advised
• Strategic Projects – Sharon Mackay

Planning & Transport Policy (Don Hogben)
• Infrastructure & Services Planning – Phil Lawes
• Programs & Concept Planning – Leigh Dalwood
• Legislation Management – Andrea Pearce

These leaders will be tasked with capitalising on new opportunities to ensure the organisation builds on current success and is strategically positioned for the future.  They have been appointed with your desired leadership traits in mind for 3 months or until recruitment for the roles are finalised.

I accept that these changes will impact on many people. The good news is that more than 300 applications were received. The bad news is that those who have missed out on the acting interim positions will be disappointed.

The acting arrangements will support the executive into the next stages of the departmental rejuvenation.  For those not appointed in an acting opportunity your support will be integral going forward and continuing to deliver our business. I encourage you to engage with your leaders to ascertain how any changes may impact upon your current role.

I also recognise those who have been assigned particular tasks:

• Matthew Loader will lead, and drive the delivery of, a legislative reform agenda that reinforces departmental policy and reform objectives.
• Julie Lister has been asked to bring a concentrated focus to the Internal Audit function and will be working directly with the Chief Corporate Officer to support the newly formed Audit and Risk Committee.
• Peter Tymukas will assist Luigi Rossi’s team by supporting the Manager, Construction Contracting with improvements and pre-existing significant contract issues. He will assist the Manager, North South Corridor in procurement and contract establishment for the current major North South Corridor projects.
• Ron Shanks will continue to support Julie Holmes in his role of Deputy Registrar of Motor Vehicles.
• Vicki Seaman will assist with the transition of Jodieann Dawe into the role of Chief Operating Officer. I am also very grateful for all of Vicki’s work to date in acting in the role of Chief Corporate Officer which she will continue to undertake during Julienne’s upcoming leave
• Harold Carn will work closely with Luigi Rossi and Paul Gelston on some special projects in the outback area
• Angelo Lanzilli will continue to focus on the Darlington project to ensure that South Australia gets the best outcome
• Graham Sibery will continue as Deputy Rail Commissioner for a transition period.


Arrangements for a recognition event for staff reaching their 35-year milestone in working with the department are being finalised.  Further information will be distributed in the near future.

Have a good weekend.

Michael Deegan