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A Friday note - 10 November 2014

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Dear All

We are ending a cool, cloudy week with a warm day although we are set to see temperatures drop again tomorrow – could the weather be more inconsistent?

A Catastrophic Fire Danger warning has been issued today for the North West Pastoral and West Coast districts.  All staff working in or moving through these regions must notify their manager.
There was another horrific crash on our roads this week.  Early reports suggest fatigue was a contributor.  Please – take a break, don’t drive when you’re tired.

REJUVENATION General Managers and Executive have established a draft structure for the next leadership level as we continue with our restructure. A Consultative Forum is being established to provide the opportunity for staff and their representatives to share information and exchange views about the departmental rejuvenation.  The first meeting is being scheduled as we speak.  Formal consultation will continue with employee representatives.



Information Services* Business Partnerships
The business partnerships stream will engage with the business to develop ideas in line with business needs and value for money outcomes and incorporates; strategic support for frontline systems, business architecture, business improvement analysis, strategic business engagement, user experience and benefits management. 
* Transformation Services
The transformation stream will deliver new and enhanced IS solutions to optimise and transform business processes incorporating; enterprise geospatial services, enterprise and platform architecture, solution architecture and development and solutions delivery.
* Technical Services
The operational stream will deliver the support and management of operational IS platforms and services incorporating; service delivery, parliamentary network support group, business solutions support, technical services and information management.
* Quality Services
The assurance stream will deliver the governance and frameworks to provide assurance across information services encompassing; service transition, IS strategy and governance, IS assurance and IS security.

Customer Experience* Frontline Services Strategy
Provides centralised leadership for the delivery of external customer-facing services (call centre, shop front, feedback, digital and web connections). Frontline Services promotes DPTI and industry best practice for customer experience design, reporting and continuous improvement.
* Frontline Services Delivery  
Provides centralised planning for the strategic direction for customer services across DPTI. This stream builds on synergies across DPTI to leverage existing and future investments in people and technologies that support customer service delivery.
* Media, Engagement and Communications
The Communications stream sets the strategic direction for internal and external communications, promoting employee and community engagement with the DPTI journey and service delivery. Externally this stream is responsible for media, social media, marketing and community and business engagement for the people of South Australia.
* Customer Information Strategy
Responsible for the design of service, operational and way-finding information across current and future information channels. This stream also provides coordinated oversight, standards and direction around customer information to assist and promote ease of using DPTI services.
* Departmental Coordination
The coordination stream delivers and drives continues improvement in; Ministerial enquiries, Freedom of Information requests, Parliamentary coordination and whole of department reporting.  Centralised oversight of these functions ensures timely and high quality delivery of information to customers, stakeholders and the community. 

Investment Services

* Finance
The finance stream incorporates; financial control, business partnering, financial improvement and systems and strategic finance and projects. It includes; statutory reporting and all non-executive reporting, policy, compliance and integrity, service and relationship management, asset accounting and debt management, banking and tax, operational budget control, subsidiary system management/reconciliations and systems improvements maintenance and support, investment and savings strategy, ERC/PMC support and economic and financial analysis.
* Procurement
The procurement stream incorporates; procurement operations, across government services and strategy and planning pending the procurement transition review undertaken by Judith Carr.    
* Assurance and Risk
The assurance and risk stream incorporates: audit and compliance - Audit and Risk Committee support, internal audit and compliance programs, delegations management. risk and security management - strategic risk coordination, security, intelligence and analytics, business continuity, insurance related matters (including SAICORP), fraud and corruption control framework and investigations, prosecutions and legal services.

People and Performance* Organisational Performance and Development
The organisational performance and development stream is responsible for developing strategies to build values based culture supporting organisational performance and learning and development
* People
The People stream provides human resource and employee relations functions, including policy development, advice, support for individual case management, work, health and safety and a range of HR business system and transactional services.  It is responsible for; strategy and policy, safe workplace, employee relations, employee intervention and HR services.
* Performance Support Services
The performance support services stream supports organisational performance by ensuring timely, quality and consistent business standards and services


Safety and Policy Programs* Registration and Licensing Reform
The Registration and Licensing Reform stream will encompass; applications support unit, business transformation unit, boat registration and license unit and governance and relationship management unit.
* Standards and Accreditation
The Standards and Accreditation stream will encompass; driver licensing standards and training unit (heavy and light vehicles), field audit and compliance unit, passenger transport accreditation unit, commercial vessel accreditation and investigations.
* Registration and Licensing Policy
The Registration and Licensing stream will encompass; licensing policy unit, registration policy unit, licence regulation unit and the Rider Safe motorcycle licensing unit.
* Safer Travel and Behaviour Change
The Safer Travel and Behaviour Change stream will encompass; school community partnerships, Aboriginal road safety and driver licensing, community partnerships and programs and public transport Programs.
* Safety Strategy
The Safety Strategy stream will encompass; policy and governance, road crash analysis unit, road safety engineering, road and worksite safety standards and safety technology.

Asset Management
* Governance /Performance
The Performance stream will encompass systems, planning and performance including the Maximo, RCS, BIS, EARLS, RITS, SAMIS and FAMIS systems; strategic plans, management plans, risk management plans, forecasting, asset and market trend, analysis, optimisation reporting as well as;  KPIs, compliance, condition, finance and demand.
* Road/ Marine
This stream will encompass operational planning, maintenance planning and investment planning, considering; asset inspection programs, optimisation strategies, program developments and whole of life analysis. 
* Rail / Electrical
This stream will encompass operational planning, maintenance planning and investment planning, considering; asset inspection programs, optimisation strategies, program developments and whole of life analysis.
* Property Management / Facilities Services
The Property Management / Facilities Services stream will encompass; property management, government employee housing and facility management operations. 
* Technical Services
The Technical Services stream encompasses standards and engineering including road, traffic, rail, lighting, ITS and electrical standards as well as environmental, stormwater, marine, policies and procedures and structural, pavement, geotechnical and building services engineering.

Operational Services

* Traffic Operations
This stream will encompass all former metro units including TMC, ferry operations and LUC and excludes asset maintenance and support.
* Marine Operations
The Marine Operations stream will encompass; navigation safety unit, AMSA operator licence unit, AMSA vessel unit, recreational boating safety unit, national reform and the marine operations and response unit.
* Rail Operations
The Rail Operations stream will encompass train and tram operations and management of the rail network.
* Risk Assurance and Rail Systems
The Risk Assurance and Rail Systems stream will encompass: operator L&D, safety and risk, rail safety accreditation, safe systems/risk and a rail crossing unit.
* Emergency Management
The Emergency Management stream will encompass; transport functional service, disaster coordination, marine oil spill response, earthquake hazard leader and security and emergency planning.
* Integrated Transport
The Integrated Transport stream will encompass; bus network design, bus contracts and service standards, bus fleet and depot, PTS prescribed officers unit, SATSS unit, taxi safety and compliance unit, taxi operational policy unit and Passenger Transport Standards Committee.
* Vehicles Operations
The Vehicle Operations stream will encompass; vehicle identity inspections, permits unit, vehicle standards and engineering, vehicle inspection and booking, heavy vehicle compliance (rural staff) and the heavy vehicle intelligence unit.

Project Delivery and Asset Maintenance* North-South Corridor
The North-South Corridor stream will encompass project delivery for Torrens to Torrens, Darlington and the North-South Corridor study.
* Project Delivery
The Project Delivery stream will encompass; road, rail and marine project delivery, building project services, strategic building projects and contract management.
*         Construction Contracting
*         Field Services

The field services stream encompasses; road maintenance, rural and metropolitan construction, fleet services, maintenance systems, stores and inventory.
*         Rail Infrastructure Maintenance
The rail infrastructure maintenance stream encompasses; signals, track, electrical, overhead systems, stores and inventory.

*         Rail Engineering and Rolling Stock
This section will be responsible for rail engineering, rolling stock and maintenance of EMU, DMU trains.


Information and Strategy* Valuer-General – Statutory Unit – no change
* Surveyor-General – Statutory Unit – no change
* Strategic Planning
Key functions of the strategic planning stream include; planning strategy, ITLUP, infrastructure strategy, response to expert panel report, data modelling (population, demographic, strategic transport, GIS and economic) and legislative reform.
* Development Planning
The Development Planning stream encompasses; developments plans, building policy, section 30’s, e-planning, systems performance monitoring, ResCode, SAPPL and other strategic policy framework.
* Office of Local Government
This stream is responsible for; local government policy and legislation, Aboriginal lands infrastructure and services management, the Kangaroo Island Future’s Authority (including the establishment of a Commissioner’s office and strategic projects including negotiation of Sealink contract negotiations, airport and port business cases).  It will also be responsible for the Local Government Grants Commission and Outback Community Authority – both Statutory Authorities.

Planning and Transport Policy* Infrastructure and Service Planning
Key functions of this section include; transport network services and infrastructure plans and concepts, freight and logistics including ports, rail and heavy vehicle policy and reform, RMIP, aviation policy and programs, land use integration and transport coordination as well as cycling and walking.
* Programs and Concept Planning
The Programs and Concept Planning stream will encompass; major project investment and concept planning, Commonwealth and state funding coordination, North-South Corridor planning, business case development, investment program development and coordination and transport infrastructure financing.
* Legislation Management
Included in the responsibilities of the Legislation Management stream are; administration of legal delegations and authorisations, management of legislation administered by DPTI and advisory of regulatory instruments and legislative process.

Investment management
* Registrar-General – Statutory Appointment – no change.
* Development Assessment
The assessment stream encompasses; DAC (excluding city, inner rime and Pt Adelaide), Crown Development, Major Development and Planning Services.
* Strategic Investment
The Strategic Investment stream encompasses case management, technical advice to DAC, Coordinator-General projects, triage of investment projects and major development.

Architecture and Built Environment* Property
This stream encompasses accommodation and property strategy, analysis and forward planning, as well as office accommodation, leasing and client services, and real estate management, acquisitions and disposals.
* Design Advice and Review
The Design and Advice Review stream will incorporate functions including; design review, advice and guidance as well as support to the strategic investment and assessment and strategic programs and concept planning units.
* Strategic Projects
This stream encompasses; precinct planning, project formation and strategic direction (including Festival Plaza, parklands and Old RAH) as well as support to the infrastructure, strategic and development planning units.

Office for Recreation and Sport – No change* Facilities Development and Infrastructure
* SA Sports Institute
* Recreation and Sport Development

PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE I’m receiving some excellent feedback on the role of our Portfolio Management Committee.  The PMC is seeing more options being considered and challenges to previous thinking.  One letter I received followed the presentation of solutions for the O-Bahn city access project and a more holistic approach.  This person was impressed by the process and the PMC role:
"I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to be involved and provide input into a major part of state infrastructure – makes me very proud to be a DPTI staff member."

I visited staff at Regency Park last week and toured the Vehicle Identity Assessment Station and the main office.  I also had the pleasure of attending a morning tea with some of our customers in recognition of the work done by our Permits Team, led by Carlo Anzellotti.    This week I visited Naracoorte while in the region as part of an SMC meeting.   Thanks to Jeff Overall and his team as well as Craig Eckermann.  The reception I received at both offices was fantastic – especially at such short notice. 

Have a good weekend

Michael Deegan