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Small Licensed Venues in Adelaide City

What is the service?

The pre-lodgement service was introduced to venues proposing operation under a Small Venue Licence within the Adelaide CBD in April 2013 as an incentive of Vibrant City.

The service provides case management to Small Licensed Venue applications, helping proponents streamline the process with more efficient decision-making and reduced assessment time.

You can request the service at any stage of your proposal by contacting Renewal SA:

  • Phone: (08) 8207 1300
  • Mail: Level 9 Riverside Centre, North Tce, ADELAIDE 5000


What is the service process?

Step 1

After making a request with the Investment Team, you will be contacted by an assigned case manager who schedule an Initiation Meeting. At the Initiation Meeting you will be required to provide:

  • your Service Application form
  • a description of the project
  • a broad site context analysis (including photos)
  • preliminary drawings  
Step 2

The case manager holds the Initiation Meeting with the proponent to provide an overview of the service and to determine whether the proposal is eligible for a Small Venue Licence. 

Step 3

The case manager arranges a meeting with the proponent and Adelaide City Council's planning, building and liquor licensing officers to overview the proposal and tour the proposed venue.  

Step 4

All relevant applications are lodged, including liquor licensing to Consumer and Business Services (CBS) and development application to Adelaide City Council if required.

Step 5

Adelaide City Council generally takes up to 6 weeks to assess an application. When an application is lodged with CBS, a 28 day notification period is required to set a determination date for the application. Once the notification period has ended, CBS will then issue the licence, provided there are no outstanding items.

For more information

An information pack has been prepared that contains all necessary documents for a Small Venue Licence application. This pack includes:

Documents for planning approval  

Documents for development approval (with Adelaide City Council)

Documents for liquor license approval (with Consumer and Business Services)