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Pre-Lodgement Service for metropolitan Adelaide

Where the pre-lodgement service applies

The pre-lodgement service is available for developments that meet the criteria below.

Adelaide City

$10 million in value or more within the City of Adelaide (view Development Plan)

Inner Metropolitan Adelaide

Five storeys or more in height within the Urban Corridor Zone as described in the Council Development Plans of:

* including the 'District Centre Zone' as identified in the suburb of Norwood

Port Adelaide Enfield

$3 million in value or more within the Port Adelaide Regional Centre Zone (view Development Plan).

Apply for the pre-lodgement service

You can request the pre-lodgement service at any stage of your proposal by making an appointment with the DPTI investment team. Please note the service is usually most effective when accessed  in the early stages of a proposal.

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Level 2, 211 Victoria Square
Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: (08) 7109 7161

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