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Playford Growth Project

Future development of growth areas in the cities of Playford and Salisbury will be guided by the Playford Growth Area Structure Plan.

This plan identifies the appropriate infrastructure and services that will be progressively implemented to complement new housing developments and employment lands over the next 30 years. The plan allocates 1550 hectares for employment land and provides for 38,000 additional dwellings.

What is structure planning?

Structure plans are documents developed by the State Government in consultation with the local council and community to help guide the future development and growth of a region. Structure plans provide the next level of planning detail below The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide (30-Year Plan) and guide how growth will occur in specific areas, in this case for the cities of Playford and Salisbury.

The structure plan sets directions for future land use to accommodate projected population growth. It maps where housing, retail, commercial, industrial and community uses of land will be located and what infrastructure (roads, water, sewerage, gas) and services (health, education) are needed to complement growth.

The 30-Year Plan together with local structure plans provide the planning framework for Development Plan Amendments – or DPAs – that allow for land to be re-zoned for another use.

The complete structure plan is available as either a high quality version for printing or a lower quality version for easier download. Also available are copies of the draft structure plan and its associated strategic investigations report (which details the investigations that informed the structure plan), can be downloaded by clicking the above links. In addition, all of the background investigations and reports can be downloaded here.

What is a Development Plan Amendment (DPA)?

The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide together with structure plans provide the planning framework for Development Plan Amendments – or DPAs – that allow for land to be rezoned for another use.  DPAs are changes or additions to a council's Development Plan.

Two Ministerial DPAs are proposed to implement the Playford Growth Area Structure Plan:

The DPAs have been split into parts, to allow changes to be made as soon as infrastructure deeds are completed.  For a list of DPA parts that have been approved to date, click here.

How did we get here?

The Playford Growth Area Structure Plan is the result of 3 years of consultation, investigation and negotiations with Playford Council, residents and other key stakeholders, the aim of which was to develop a long-term shared plan for population and employment growth.

Public consultation on the draft Structure Plan occurred over a 10 week period from 28 May to 2 August 2013. The Cities of Playford and Salisbury were given a further four weeks to review public feedback and make their own submissions.

The following consultation actions were undertaken to raise public awareness of the draft Structure Plan and the two associated draft DPAs, and to provide the opportunity to comment on these:

  • dedicated website from which the Structure Plan, DPAs, fact sheets and background investigations could be accessed
  • postcards being sent to 17,500 households
  • display points with fact sheets and key documents at Elizabeth, Munno Para Downs, Salisbury and the offices of the Department in the city
  • dedicated telephone information line
  • briefings for the Cities of Playford and Salisbury
  • landowner and key stakeholder briefings (more than 300 people)
  • 3 open house events – Davoren Park, Virginia and Angle Vale (attended by 178 people)
  • 6 coffee and chat sessions (attended by 80 people)
  • 2 public meetings at the end of the consultation period conducted by the Development Policy Advisory Committee (DPAC) in accordance with the requirements of the Development Act 1993 (about 20 people were heard).

27 survey responses and 163 written submissions were received.

Following the public consultation period the draft document refined to prepare the current Structure Plan. An outline of the key changes made to the draft is provided here.