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Planning Reform in South Australia

Renewing our planning system

Local Heritage Planning Reform

We are now seeking your views on a discussion paper, which has been prepared to encourage high-level ideas and feedback from experts and practitioners involved in local heritage practice and to inform the preparation of a future Local Heritage Bill.

A copy of the Local Heritage Discussion Paper can be found here.

A copy of the Local Heritage Discussion Paper Fact Sheet can be found here.

We’ve been pleased to hear the significant interest in planning reform with respect to local heritage matters.  As such, the consultation period has been extended for an additional 4 weeks and submissions will be received up until 7 October, 2016.

Please email to

Following on from the conversations and feedback we have received to date, we’ve identified that some further discussion was required and a workshop was held with councils, heritage professionals and community organisations to discuss the concepts around historical themes and their potential application in relation to local heritage listing processes in South Australia. The workshop was facilitated by nationally recognised heritage professional Duncan Marshall. His presentation from that workshop has been made available. He has also prepared a paper, Using Historical Themes to Assist in the Identification of Local Heritage Places.


Planning, Development and Infrastructure Bill 2015

A better planning system is a key ingredient for economic success and continuing social progress. It is at the heart of the South Australian government’s agenda to unlock our state’s untapped potential by facilitating high-quality development and attracting investment.

The government has therefore introduced the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Bill 2015 to the South Australian parliament.

The Bill

The Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 was assented to on 21 April 2016 after being passed by the Parliament of South Australia.

A copy of the Act can be found on this Legislation SA webpage.

Supporting documentation including the Second Reading Speech and Hansard can be found on the Parliament SA website.

The Act will be brought into operation, in stages, over the next three to five years.

Further information about the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016, interpretive materials and the implementation process will be available from this website which will be progressively updated.

Transitional Bill

To facilitate the smooth implementation of the new planning system, there is a need for a Transitional Bill to provide the stepping stones from the current Development Act 1993 to the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.

The Statutes Amendment  (Planning, Development and Infrastructure) Bill 2016 (Transitional Bill) was introduced to the South Australian Parliament on 21 September 2016.

A copy of the Transitional Bill (as introduced into the House of Assembly) can be found on this Legislation SA webpage

A fact sheet that explains why a Transitional Bill is needed and how the Reforms will be implemented can be found here.

Please note that the Bill may be amended during the course of Parliamentary debate.

Official plans

These plans show the boundaries of the Greater Adelaide planning region and the Environment and Food Production Areas.

Questions and Answers


Fact sheets


Benefits of the reforms

A regulatory impact statement has been independently undertaken and suggests significant economic benefits could be derived from the reforms.

Ongoing consultation

The government will continue to consult with the community and stakeholders while the bill is debated and during implementation of the reforms.

Background to the bill

In February 2013 the government appointed an Expert Panel on Planning Reform to review the state’s planning legislation and system. the bill responds to the recommendations made by the panel.

Visit the Planning Reform webpage for documents related to the initiation of the planning reforms.

Background documents

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