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How to lodge a complaint

If the issue is regarding a child and you are concerned that the child has been or may be at risk of harm contact the police or the Child Abuse Report Line on 13 14 78

If you have an issue and wish to lodge a complaint the first step is to refer to your organisation's Member Protection Policy or grievance procedure for the appropriate process for lodging a complaint.
If you are not sure whether the organisation has a policy -

  • check on your club or association websites
  • ask a person who holds a management position in the club
  • contact the association (if you are affiliated with an association)

Who else might you be able to speak with for advice or assistance?

Avoid discussing your issue with others on the sideline or in the car park as this can lead to unpleasant gossip and risk of incorrect information being passed around.

Your organisation may have a complaints person or grievance officer who can provide advice on the appropriate process and help manage the complaint.

If you wish to seek advice outside of the club and you are affiliated with a State Association you may contact them for advice or ask to speak with the association's Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO). These people are trained to offer you support and advice.

If you require further advice you may call ORS phone 8457 1408 or Email:


Additional useful information is available at

SA Complaints Flowchart (PDF, 354 KB)


Equal Opportunity Commission 

Mediation SA