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Thousands of unregistered vehicles netted by Safe-T-Cam

More than 2000 vehicles suspected of being unregistered are caught on camera each month by the State’s Safe-T-Cam network.

Latest figures show that since April 2010 the network of cameras has snapped more than 32 000 unregistered cars and trucks driving throughout South Australia.

An additional 11 000 vehicles have been caught, suspected of being both unregistered and not having third party insurance.

The vehicles were photographed by the network of 11 Safe-T-Cam installations positioned along the State’s major road network.  

The network, which is in place in SA and NSW, also tracks heavy vehicles and monitors for drivers exceeding working hours or making false diary entries.

Details of vehicles identified as being unregistered or uninsured are sent to SA Police for further investigation and expiation.

Camera positions and further details are available on the Safe-T-Cam webpage.

Image: The Safe-T-Cam network catches more than 2000 suspected unregistered vehicles per month.

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