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03 Jan 2018

Lifejacket upgrade voucher program


OLD4NEW lifejacket upgrade voucher exchange is a program to help boaters to upgrade their existing lifejackets for new, modern types which are comfortable and functional to wear during their boating activities.

The DPTI OLD4NEW team is currently visiting a range of locations around the state during January to the end of March.

The big blue van will have a range of brochures and information on display, and you will be able to ask questions of the marine safety officers about any marine safety matters.

Voucher exchange

The team will accept old, damaged, non-compliant or unsuitable lifejackets from the public in exchange for a $20 voucher, which can then be redeemed at any of the participating stores listed on the On Deck website.

The vouchers will afford you a discount of $20 upon the purchase of a new lifejacket from one of our retail partners, and is GST inclusive. You can choose any type of lifejacket to purchase as long as it meets the Australian Standard AS 4758.

The retailer will be reimbursed by DPTI.

Vouchers are only available from the big blue van, and it will visit each location only once, for two hours.

A maximum of two vouchers are available per person.

Don’t miss out, because there are no other opportunities to obtain vouchers except from the van, and you must exchange an old lifejacket in order to obtain a voucher.

The schedule of exchange visits by the OLD4NEW van is published on the On Deck website and via social media.

The exchange will usually be at the main boat ramp in the town.

What happens to the old lifejackets?

Old lifejackets which accumulate during the program will, where possible be re-purposed by being packaged and donated to communities where no other safety equipment is available. Lifejackets which do not meet a standard, are damaged or in poor condition will be disposed by recycling.