Lifeboat washes up in SA after years at sea

After coming adrift from a cargo ship two years ago in the South Atlantic Sea, a lifeboat has washed up on the coast of South Australia, about 30km from Salt Creek.

The small vessel is from the bulk carrier MS Olivia, which ran aground off Nightingale Island, Tristan Da Cunha in 2011 while on voyage from Santos, Brazil to China.

The lifeboat was discovered in February near Salt Creek, nearly 8000kms from where MS Olivia originally shipwrecked in the early hours of March 16 2011.

The department is currently investigating how to secure the vessel to prevent it becoming a navigational hazard. Any potential environmental hazards are also being investigated.

The vessel’s owners are also being contacted.

MS Olivia broke in half and was unable to be salvaged. Her crew of 22 were all rescued.

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Image: washed up lifeboat

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