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Jet-skiers warned to keep clear of dolphins

Jet-skiers and all users of the water are reminded to watch out for and avoid injuring marine mammals.

It is an offence for the operators of personal pleasure craft to approach within 300 metres of a marine mammal to watch or interact with it. Operators may not exceed 4 knots while in the vicinity of a marine mammal.
There is also a general speed limit of 7 knots in the Port Adelaide River and the Barker Inlet channel.

The warning follows disturbing footage from Tasmania. The video can be viewed on The Mercury.

The video, published by the The Mercury, shows jet-skiers allegedly harassing dolphins in Frederick Henry Bay in Lauderdale, a town on the outskirts of Hobart.

Operators of marine vessels are encouraged to review the marine mammal regulations which were amended in 2010.

Police are investigating the incident in Tasmania.

Image: Jet skiers riding through a pod of dolphins in a Tasmanian bay. Video published by The Mercury.



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