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Boat rules refresh

Q1. How should registration numbers be displayed on a boat that’s more than three metres long?
a) Anywhere I choose so long as they can be seen.
b) Toward the stern on the vertical surface of the hull.
c) Toward the bow on a vertical surface 150mm high and a contrasting colour to the hull.

Q2. What do I do with the registration label?
a) Keep in the glove box of the car, so I know where it is.
b) Attach to the boat in a visible position near the helm.
c) Place it anywhere in the boat so it is protected from the weather.

Q3. Which type of PFD must be carried for each person on board a vessel (other than a PWC or an exempt vessel) in Semi-Protected Waters?
a) A PFD Type 2.
b) A PFD Type 1.
c) Any approved PFD.
Q4. How can you tell whether it’s safe to pass through a ferry crossing?
a) The ferry operator waves a green flag.
b) A flashing green light shows the vessel is not moving.
c) The ferry operator sounds a siren to any vessel waiting to pass.

Q5. What distance from a lock must you wait for the Lock Master’s signal to enter?
a) 150 metres.
b) Between 800 and 400 metres.
c) No minimum distance as long as you slow to four knots.


ANSWERS to the quiz. Question 1 = C. Question 2 = B. Question 3 = B. Question 4 = B. Question 5 = A