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More than $2m for boating facility upgrades in regional areas

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4 March 2016

Solomontown Beach  

A major upgrade to the Solomontown boat ramp in Port Pirie is one of six projects to receive more than $2 million in State and local government funding.

The $1.5 million upgrade will involve dredging the riverbed near the ramp and using the dredged material to reclaim land to enhance the Solomontown foreshore

This will provide greater access to the Port Pirie River and the Spencer Gulf.

A fourth launching lane will also be constructed and new CCTV installed.

This project is one of five which will be funded on a 50-50 basis by the State Government’s Boating Facilities Fund and the local council.

The other projects are:

  • $548,300 to build a floating pontoon lay-by berth and extra parking at the Encounter Bay boat ramp
  • $200,000 to seal the Beachport boat ramp car and trailer park
  • $180,000 to extend the Cadell boat ramp by six metres, install a floating pontoon, seal the access road and manoeuvring area, and upgrade the parking and rigging areas
  • $100,000 for a strategic planning assessment for a safe haven and boating facility at Marion Bay

The Facilities Fund is funded by a levy on recreational vessels and is administered by the South Australian Boating Facility Advisory Committee.

The Government will also fully fund a $19,000 upgrade to the mooring facilities at the Ngaut Ngaut Conservation Park near Mannum.

This conservation park is a significant place for the Ngangurako People, a traditional owner group of the Ngarrindjeri Nation, but current boating activities are damaging the site.

Remediation works will be undertaken on the riverbank, and the creation of alternative mooring points downstream for large river vessels and houseboats will prevent further damage caused by mooring ropes to the significant riverbank trees.

With the announcement of these projects, and previously approved works which are yet to be completed, all levy contributions are fully expended for the next three years.

Projects funded by the facilities Fund are proposed by councils after consultation with the community and boat ramp users.

The councils will complete the projects and all are expected to be finished within 12 months.

For more information on South Australia’s boating facilities, including upgrades, visit DPTI’s Boating Facilities page.