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DPTI’s ongoing efforts in Pinery Bushfire recovery

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12 January 2016

Drift sand covering a road 

Since November 25’s devastating Pinery Bushfire, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has played an active role in assisting the community during recovery.

While undertaking more visible work such as restoring road infrastructure, the Department has also been working behind the scenes on tasks such as replacing destroyed documents free of charge and advising on planning and approvals for rebuilding 

The recovery is an ongoing effort and the Department continues to work with the community, local councils and other agencies to assist those affected through these difficult times. 

Restoring Road Infrastructure

There are approximately 110 km of DPTI maintained roads within the fire area.  As soon as the roads were re-opened, DPTI vegetation and maintenance crews immediately commenced inspecting roads and making them safe for public use.

The works included:

  • inspection and removal of hazardous trees
  • inspection and repair of pavement
  • inspection and repair of bridges and guardrails
  • removal of drift sand from roads and clearing of culverts and drains
  • replacement of guideposts and signage

With roads now reopened, farmers and property owners can restock essential supplies such as hay and fodder.

Approximately 750 guide posts and 120 signs required replacement. Work on vegetation removal and sign replacement is ongoing. 

Workers clearing trees 

Replacing Destroyed Documents

DPTI has been replacing documents that have been destroyed in the fire free-of-charge.

For replacement certificates of title, the Department has assisted with the preparation of legal documentation and waived lodgement fees.

The Department has also waived fees for replacement driver’s licenses and permits, vehicle registration certificates and number plates at Service SA customer service centres.

Advising on Planning and Development Applications to Rebuild

DPTI continues to provide advice on planning and approvals to rebuild property destroyed in the fires.

This advice includes specific information relating to bushfire affected areas and encouraging existing home owners to retrofit their buildings.

The Department has also been working with the relevant councils and authorities to facilitate the voluntary waiving of fees and levies.

A minute on waiving the building consent fee is currently with the Minister for Planning for consideration and DPTI is seeking advice from the Development Assessment Commission on waiving the staging fee and development plan assessment fee.

Burnt road sign  
Adjusting Property Valuations

The State Valuation Office, as managed by the Valuer-General, is adjusting the proposed property valuations to reflect the impact of the bushfire on affected properties. 

These property valuations will be used for the 2016-2017 financial year by authorities including councils, SA Water and Revenue SA. 

The majority of Stage 1 (substantial loss) field inspections are now complete and recalculated values will be made available to councils in mid March.  

The Surveyor-General is also providing information comprising land properties, ownership, addressing and site improvement to assist the State Recovery Office in the allocation of emergency funding. \ 

Waste Management - Asbestos

DPTI is working with the State Recovery Office, the Environment Protection Authority and SafeWork SA to safely dispose of asbestos.  

The Asbestos Services Unit has currently inspected and reported on five properties. 

Three more properties have been identified for inspection. 

Supporting State and Local Recovery Committees

DPTI continues to support the recovery effort by working with the State Recovery Office and Local Recovery Committee as well as local councils and other government departments. 

For more information

For more information regarding the Pinery Bushfire and assistance available to those affected, please follow the links to the recovery website or the SA Bushfire Recovery Facebook page at