KIFA works to sustainably improve the quality of life for the Island’s residents and their families.

To achieve this, the Island needs the right balance of community, social, health and education services.

KIFA is currently working with organisations such as Kangaroo Island Community Education, the Kangaroo Island Health Service, and Kangaroo Island Community Services Forum to identify ways to achieve this balance.

KIFA is talking to the Kangaroo Island community about issues relating to the delivery of transport, education, employment, training, health and community services on Kangaroo Island. There are currently 100 community services availableto KI community, delivered by 50 providers from 40 locations, and over the coming year the KIFA Board will be looking at ways to streamline this service delivery and help to facilitate more effective and efficient community services to the island.

Work is currently underway to understand local community views on the delivery of community and social services. A number of issues have been identified, including information about existing services, transport and childcare availability, and internet service.