Business & Economy

To ensure the Island has a sustainable and thriving local economy, KIFA is undertaking a number of initiatives with the community to attract investment, encourage innovative business practices and processes, and develop strategic partnerships.

Over the past year, KIFA has undertaken extensive consultation with businesses and community groups in the region to identify
barriers and opportunities for development, to ensure ongoing sustainability and profitability for all.

Initiatives to date have included the identification of opportunities for growing the local economy through agriculture and tourism; an investigation into the forestry industry; business development in sheep, pigs, honey, poultry and wool, assisting producers to access export markets (eg egg accreditation process), and support for and facilitating opportunities for Kangaroo Island food and wine producers to access Chinese and other export markets.

KIFA is also seeking opportunities to reduce costs to local businesses by working with producers and industry leaders to develop on-Island value adding opportunities (processing, packaging, freight and distribution).

KIFA is supporting the Parndana Community Club into the assessment of an aquaponics enterprise which could provide employment opportunities and produce to the local community.

Business and economy