Welcome to Way2Go


Way2Go is a statewide holistic program geared to promoting safer, greener and more active travel for primary school students and their communities. It is built on a partnership between local councils, school communities and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI).


  • promotes the development of safe, people friendly local streets near schools to support independent student travel  
  • encourages children and the community to safely walk, ride bikes or scooters, and use public transport for school travel  
  • supports students to be safe walkers, bike riders and passengers
  • relies on sound  evidence and models of leading practice for decision making, planning and classroom teaching.  

Councils partner with DPTI and local school communities to identify plan and implement people focused, safe and innovative improvements in local streets near schools to support active travel.

School communities partner with DPTI and their local council to develop a flexible and practical school travel plan tailored to school and student needs. It has a medium to long term timeframe and includes measurable and achievable goals.

As schools progress through the ongoing engagement and planning process they may access:

  • Teaching resources F – 7 including fact sheets for class and home use
  • Way2Go Bike Ed – where students learn and practise safe riding skills in a series of lessons that include on road activities
  • A new (2015 release) Way2Go Bike Ed teacher resource linked to national curriculum
  • Advice on best practice road safety education
  • Maps and school community survey reports related to student residential locations and travel modes
  • School precinct observations and reports about walking and cycling infrastructure and facilities, and road use behaviour
  • Way2Go safety signage
  • Crossing advice and equipment
  • Support for teacher training  and planning
  • Grants for bike facilities and active travel initiatives
  • Links to other resources and initiatives that promote active travel and placemaking in local communities
  • Networking with other teachers, schools and communities.

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