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Heavy Vehicle Inspection Scheme

Regulatory Impact Statement

The Government of South Australia and Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure are committed to improved road safety outcomes and encourage safer road use through the implementation of measures to improve heavy vehicle roadworthiness.

This commitment aims to address risks related to heavy vehicle crashes resulting in injury or fatality as a result of unroadworthy vehicles.

A Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) has been developed to outline the options, costs and benefits of the introduction of a heavy vehicle inspection scheme to best serve the community and contribute to increased safety on South Australian roads.

Stage One of a heavy vehicle inspection scheme was introduced in January 2017 requiring vehicles three years of age of over being required to pass an inspection prior to the vehicle being registered at change of ownership.

Further heavy vehicle inspection options have been investigated including extending the scheme to identified higher risk vehicles, and legislative changes to mandate the inspection of all higher risk heavy vehicles.

The Regulatory Impact Statement (PDF, 580 KB) is available for your review.

Please provide feedback on the Statement by Friday 30 June. Contact us at